2/30: London’s Gone Full r (2)

Today I want to explore the implications of this from a dating perspective. I think that’s where more of the variation comes from, considering the Daygame itself is more like a string of set pieces. On a date, you have to show your real self, and if she finds out that you’re not the real deal then you’ll be left with your dick in the hand.

The overriding conclusion I made was: if you try to play it slow and go for a second date lay then you’re a fool. She shows up and has an image of you in her head. That image is of a guy who goes full speed ahead; remember, “naturals” don’t play it slow and make calibrated decisions to go for the second date lay.

It might be considered unfortunate, then, that it emphasises the filtering aspect of Game, rather than the chess-like strategic aspect. I imagine the long term average of someone optimising this strategy would be something like one in three dates ends in a lay. One girl comes along and the image you presents matches the one she expected. Lay. The next one comes along but doesn’t realise that the image you presented to girl one, is actually too fast for her. Refuses the bounce back and you never see her again. Girl three is a timewaster. In reality, girl two was a timewaster as well, but of the less pernicious kind. It’s just that you have no idea how to run a blue pill date with little to no escalation.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

2 thoughts on “2/30: London’s Gone Full r (2)

  1. Nice analysis Tom. The r/K dynamic is interesting because of how it can be exploited for different uses.
    Presumably in your example you’d calibrate the second date if she’s more K and adjust accordingly by going for the 2nd date lay which is more on her schedule (but still not 3 months blue pill “dating”)…? So still a good chance of ending up with the lay (if she comes out for the date)…


    1. I agree. My two bones of content are: 1) what if the date was actually doomed to fail? As in, if you push for the first date lay she thinks it’s too fast. If you go for the second date lay she thinks you’re not what you presented yourself as. I know I’m nitpicking, and that even if the above is true, there’s still a better (if perhaps low) chance of the 2nd date lay. 2) I suppose that when I said blue pill dating I actually meant slower dating with less escalation on each date. I genuinely think I’ve forgotten how to do it, and if I wasn’t escalating I’d be bored.


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