#62: Dead Simple (Analysis)

IOIs: there’s so much that could be said here but I’ll focus on two things: 1) you should position yourself to get more IOIs by walking in the middle of any area, or as close as possible; I see too many guys skirting along the edge of the pavement, not thinking about their placement at all, which I guess is just one manifestation of AA. 2) I remember reading in (I think) Evolution of Desire that men who see themselves as more attractive will consider a greater amount of glances to be IOIs. That makes a lot of sense because of the high evolutionary reward for following up on a real IOI. We can take it as a good sign for your Inner Game.

Sliding/wedging in on the stop: I usually begin to convince her to stop as I come abreast of the girl and then as she comes to a standstill I’ll wedge myself in in-front of her. I’ve mentioned this so many times before but you have to approach as soon as she sees you, and even if she’s not seen you, quicker is better. Don’t use ‘but there’s no space’ as a weasel.

Bicep check: this is a super easy physical test that you can do on a girl if she’s carrying anything remotely heavily, be it a bag, book or whatever. Just say “oh you must be really strong from carrying this” and reach over to squeeze her bicep. Works the same way if she says literally anything at all about exercise.

Overriding objections: so these days I don’t try to push through many boyfriend objections. I just think it’s a waste of time in most cases, time which could be better spent elsewhere. It also needlessly builds your anticipation when you move to sending your feelers. However, I would try to push through objections in special cases, e.g. strong IOI and interest, appears shy and so can’t trust signals too well anyway, etc.

Sending your number at the end of the set: always do this. Okay, if she’s literally rushing off and you don’t have time, then do it as she’s walking away. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: she can’t message you first if she doesn’t have your number. It’s not needy to wait the extra thirty seconds as you send her a text with your name and she watches the notification pop up.

Quick date request: my standard procedure is to let the bubble burst overnight before making the date request the day once I’ve confirmed her investment (or sense that she’s never going to fully or obviously invest, so I go for it anyway). However, Diana’s responses were so strong that I thought I was better off keeping the momentum going.

Finding out her life history: this is so easy to do and is one of the key pieces of information to glean from her background. When you’re talking about where she’s from just ask her whether her parents still live there and she’ll probably let you know if they’re still together.

Overt vs covert kiss close: an example might make explaining this easier. An overt attempt at a kiss close would be you pulling her towards you and perhaps saying something like “come here.” A covert attempt would be comparing heights and then seeing if she’ll let you tip her chin up. The difference is how obviously she has to resist each one if she doesn’t want it. With the former you have to go into some kind of recovery loop and with the latter you can simply say nothing and continue the conversation. The latter is particularly good for first dates where you just want to test the water.

Height comparison kiss gambit: let’s go into detail on this one. Usually I’ll tell a girl to stand on a ledge or a step to compare heights, then I’ll step in close to her, and if she doesn’t move away or purposefully turn her head to the side then I’ll kiss her. If she tips her head down then she might just be demurring so it’s worth trying to tip her chin up. Girls know what’s going on before you’ve even taken a step towards them and so if she doesn’t want to be kissed – like with Diana – she’ll leave space between her and you.

Instagram: this probably deserves a full post, and I’m not saying my Instagram is great – it’s fine – but it’s worth putting together a collection of your favourite pictures on the profile you share with girls. Don’t get bogged down thinking it needs to be updated either. Just start with 10 pictures which strike an 80/20 r:K balance and let girls perve over it when you’re not around them.

Running jokes: I don’t use these much myself because I’m not as verbally dexterous but if I do strike upon something good it will always be part of an attempt to espouse certain values (rebellion against her boyfriend in this case). Here I rounded the edges with the chocolate part because I thought it would be more effective at getting her to play along.

Making a move: something had to be done by this point and so walking her to mine seemed like the right thing to do. She was reticent to kiss me and it certainly wasn’t going to happen in public so by walking her back to mine I could see how she would react in isolation. Remember there are three types of escalation: physical, verbal and isolation. Even just leading her to a sofa in a quiet area of a bar will escalate the mood.

Generalised sex talk: I believe this is somewhere in Nitro but it carries over. Make the conversation topic sexual and she’ll naturally associate those thoughts with you. It’ll also show that you’re comfortable talking on the matter and aren’t judgemental. This is a preferred method than actually dirty talking her (if you’re not far along with the escalation already).

Her dirty secret: the truth is that girls love to talk about their slutty experiences if they think they won’t be judged (wait… women like to talk about themselves?!). There are multiple mentions in Tomassi’s work about where girls call into radio shows to discuss their promiscuous past. If you give a girl the right kind of environment she’ll talk about these things and heat herself up. The best way to do this is to give before you receive; play the Questions Game and be painfully honest so that she’s up for being honest too. As well as having the hindbrain/forebrain conflict where the former won out temporarily I was creating this environment and so Diana probably shared more than she ever thought she ever would.

Espousing values: I’ve talked about this in my first venue guides. Essentially you want to tell stories where the moral is one that can be directly applied to her; one which gives her implicit permission to fuck you.

Categorise her resistance: I noticed how what she was saying had changed and that’s how I realised she’d crossed the sexual rubicon. She’d decided she wanted it and so now she was just concerned about hiding it. There would have been less information if she’d said “it’s too late for me to be out” or a different kind of information if she’d said “you just want to have sex with me and never see me again.”

Identify her line in the sand: most girls will have a thing that they just won’t do with you until other milestones are reached or possibly not ever. Identify it and find out whether you can circumvent it. I knew I could fuck Diana if I got her horny enough to overwhelm her forebrain, but trying to kiss her was too obvious. So I had to approach it the same way as any other LMR where, for example, trying to take her clothes off is too obvious; you’ve got to get her horny so that she wants to fuck and then it’s plain sailing.

Hypergamy: at the base of all Game is hypergamy, the notion that women will always try to upgrade their current situation given a suitable risk/return payoff. I managed to find her boyfriend on Facebook and he looked like a complete chode so it was only natural that Diana wanted to fuck me. In this situation I trusted in Hypergamy working in my favour and it was always at the back of my mind (and hers too!).

Secret society temporary entrance: I still don’t feel like I’ve got full membership of the secret society yet, as if there’s something missing from girls instantly recognising me and the guy to fuck quickly. I’ve had temporary access before where I’ve had a couple of successes in quick order and that felt fantastic but it didn’t last. This gave me a kick up the arse though and I saw this whole story as an opportunity to build some momentum and stay inside a bit longer.

Travelling DHV: this must a massive boon for nomadic Daygamers, the fact that as the girl is going about her humdrum life you’re effectively on holiday. Think about the flipside, as if she was on holiday, you’d suddenly see her free time as being much more sparse and therefore of higher value. You can send photo pings of nice cups of coffee in cool coffee shops while she’s working away in her office and she’ll think about you a whole lot more than if you were just taking a coffee break at work.

Agreeing to secret society sex: watch out for how girls respond to these topics: behaviour, good/bad girls, overindulging and when you flip the script. If she plays along with this particular type of banter, and especially if she eggs you on using emoticons, then she’s probably up for it. You’ve gone from being another date in her schedule to the guy she’s going to have sex with next.

Categorise what she’s wearing: is it low interest with little effort, is it regular interest, or is it high interest which shows off her body and probably a desire for sex? Also pay attention to whether she’s changed her outfit from her regular get-up. Diana literally wore the same style every time I saw her and so that little rip made a big difference.

LMR films: I don’t think it matters much which film you watch while you’re trying to break down the LMR. The film’s purpose is for plausible deniability (a reason to go to your flat and a reason for you to escalate touch) and so that you can push by looking back at the film.

LMR plausible deniability: the word “just” pops up in my LMR busting attempts more than any other. “Let’s just sit down and watch the film,” “I’m just taking your top off we’re not going to have sex,” “I’m just having sex with you…” etc etc. She knows what you’re doing with this and she’ll object to the deniability if she actually doesn’t want to fuck (or is actually retarded, takes you literally, and expects you to weave some PUA magic to fuck her: American girls I’m looking at you!).

Bathroom break: let her go and work out whether she wants to fuck you and when she returns you’ll know if you’re having sex that evening.

Kiss gambit: this I took from some street kiss close advise but it worked just as well here, by kissing her slowly closer to her mouth. She kept her head still as I did it so I knew she wanted it.

Sleep push: going to sleep has got to be the best push for when you’re battling LMR. Either it’s in this example where it was a nap or in the case where you suggest a girl sleeps over and you fuck her in the middle of the night or in the morning. In either case you have to stop escalating on her and make her think you actually have gone to sleep. In the past when I’ve tried to fuck a girl by letting her sleep over I’ve literally said goodnight and turned my back on her, then woke up 30 minutes to an hour later and went back at it.

Going for broke: at some point you have to drop all pretense and make a full blown assault on the finishing line. It’s got to all be in place: your hands are doing something that turns her on (hair, throat, tits, pussy, arse, etc.), full make-out, her hand on your dick, etc. At this point you’ll have to take some risks but it’s needed to get to sex.

2 thoughts on “#62: Dead Simple (Analysis)

  1. Fantastic post … along with others where you have broken down the elements of a date. I am about to post the Elements of Storytelling which is essentially a summary of DHVs in my life and how to incorporate them into a compelling story for the girl. Some are active (telling the story); some are passive (photos, props, items on display, etc). A colleague of mine, SG, rolls out the DHVs and then imagines taking off one piece of clothing at each stage – combining a story with a mental image to create a sexual vibe.

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  2. always love the snipes at American girls haha! That being said, they can be pretty hot (just moved from SF to NYC). Daygame is still a grind, but lots more to shoot at.


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