27/30: Advice for a Blue Pill Colleague

While I was sinking my teeth into some dirty junk food last week I received a photo ping from a colleague; he was throwing rocks into the Thames near Canary Wharf. It made me feel a rare pang of empathy. He’d been out with us when I shame-banged #46. Our third companion also got laid as I mentioned in the brief report I wrote.

The whole thing got me thinking about how he can get a girlfriend, because that’s all he really wants right now. I talked to V about it and we agreed: if he could get a pretty European girlfriend he’d be ecstatic. She’d had to be European too because he has some right wing socio-economic views which wouldn’t sit well with your run of the mill femthinking English girl. I think realistically, with a lot of work, he could girlfriend up and eventually marry a seven.

His problem, I think, is market access. He’s the classic case of the guy who has very good K value but doesn’t get enough attempts on goal. He has the dating apps but doesn’t have the qualities to do well on them, and of course, he’s never learned Game let alone Daygame.

I started to think of some books he could read. The Game, the Mystery Method, and Practical Female Psychology for the Practical Male. They’re all just enough of the red pill to get what he wants, because, to be honest, he doesn’t need to go too deep into the rabbithole.

So I’m also putting this small post out there to ask for some advice. What could he do to get that girlfriend?

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

8 thoughts on “27/30: Advice for a Blue Pill Colleague

  1. Does he want to change ? Does he think/know/accept he has a problem ?
    You should ask people across-and-above. (I guess) most readers are beginners.
    I guess you can’t see things from his perspective (cause you don’t give the impression you have been on that perspective) but the lower you start the harsher the inner game change required.


  2. Are Rollo’s books too heavy for him? They might shatter his dream of finding a unicorn but at least would give hi, he right framework for which to base any further partnerships…


  3. You raise an interesting point Thomas. Why are so many daygamers Far Right enthusiasts? Is it the Krauser influence that gets them into conservative race-related figures like Stefan Molyneux, Paul Joseph Watson etc? I avoid politics at all costs as you say for the sake of my vibe. I’m all for libertine sexual freedoms 🙂


  4. Tom, I found Blackdragon quite helpful as he’s very logical and clear.

    You buddy may want to read

    There was another one explaining how online dating and sugar daddy sites cater for the needs of higher betas’ that do not want to learn game but have a decent GF, it sounded reasonable but I can’t find any more.

    Pls. keep us updated on your progress with him, I have a similar case however as old as I am.


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