26/30: I Smell Periods

I’ve got your attention now, haven’t I? As much as this post might smell of clickbait, it actually smells of the truth. The bloody truth.

As #47 was bouncing up and down on my dick, and I appreciated her impeccably smooth skin, I caught a whiff of something. Something pungent. That something never reared itself in visual form but I was suspicious. Then I pinged the owner of that pungent smell a day later, and she didn’t reply. It was all very odd for a girl who had seemed so eager just days previously. It all added up to one thing: she had fucked me during her body’s last ditch attempt at fertilisation. That is, just before her period.

Last year I went through a run of girls who were either just about to start their periods or in their periods. And by a run I mean a run. At least five girls in a row. Then I thought to myself: you can always smell if a girl’s on her period. I started to wonder whether you could tell that a girl was in this stage in her ovulation cycle before you approached her. I’ve heard it said a lot of time that Daygamers can tell if a girl is ovulating. Just look at the way her hips move.

Then I started to form a theory in my head. It moved about in my mind just like a horny girl’s undulating hips. And now for me to go out on a limb….

Peak male SMV begins at 30. Before that point, historically, men would have limited their reproductive success to infidelities because they would have had lower immediate K value. R-selected encounters are more likely to happen when the girl is ovulating, or just before her period when her body has its last ditch attempt at getting sperm. Therefore, being able to spot a girl in this stage is even more beneficial for a younger man than for a man who offers K value and tops up his sperm count in her every week.

That means that a man prior to this age will build an expert sense of smell for horniness.

That’s just my two sense…

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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