+1 and Week in Review (with stats)

As you can tell from the title of this post, I got a new lay last night. 22 years old but nothing special in all other regards; I thought I was in for an interesting flag (Zambian; she’s mixed race) but it turns out she was born in England. Oh well.

In other news here are my stats for the past week: 30 approaches, 11 phone numbers, 1 date. From those numbers I’ve also got dates lined up for tonight and tomorrow so that figure might grow. So some good results have come of this week in addendum to the two, fuck-off blisters I have, one on each foot, in exactly the same place. Hopefully these are similar to the calluses you get from deadlifting and that the resulting limp I’ve had to adopt will mark me out as an Alpha 10.0 (Blackdragon was so 2016)…

Last week I mentioned how I thought I was experiencing the Daygame learning curve in fast forward, and this week has confirmed that. I’m now at the stage of “responsive numbers, some dates, maybe a lay”. Here’s hoping that in another seven days I’ll be writing from a position of “slayer”. More realistically, I think I’ll be somewhere the same place. I think that as well as having a physiological desire for sex, you can also have an ego based desire for sex (aka notch count hyena). But what I want to add to this is the notion that your ego has a reset timer before it begins to drive you forward again. I don’t know why but in the past it was always roughly three weeks between each of my lays. I have a theory that after the second week, my ego is hungry for more validation and so gives me extra energy and effectiveness.

In terms of my goals, and what I can control myself, I’ve been very happy. I want to do 30-35 sets and have achieved it two weeks in a row. I actually found myself with a mammoth 15 setter ahead of me yesterday and I managed to trundle through it, though the last five sets or so I was running on fumes. If I hadn’t set myself that target then I would have gone home satisfied. Instead I did the extra five sets and took a flaky number. Why push yourself to do the 15 sets when you didn’t want to? Isn’t that bad for your Inner Game? The answer is yes, it is bad, and it was actually degrading for me to do the extra five sets, but I set myself a challenge and when I do that I follow through. 60-70 sets over two weeks gives me a very good statistical chance that I’ll get a new notch (my current average for 2018 is 1:55) and right now I want to push myself in that regard.

Something else I went out to do specifically: qualify to trigger investment. When I’ve been out solo, with nothing on later, I’ve been keeping an eye out for i-date (SDL) opportunities, but I’ve also done a couple of sessions where I had to take the number (wing and actual time constraints). I was taking numbers with little investment and so I identified this as the problem and then solved it. Lo and behold my numbers are more responsive now, although it must be said my conviction is rising and I’m shaking all of the cobwebs away from my holiday. It’s beginners stuff but I wasn’t doing it.

In practical terms I’ve been going into each set with the aim of getting three pieces of information from the girl:

  • What she’s doing now
  • Why she’s in London
  • What she does

And then qualifying her on her answers by asking “why” or a variant. As I said, simple stuff but effective.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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