#58: Low Hanging Fruit

I was out with Victor and his Turkish girlfriend brought along a friend, Beatrice, also Turkish, who I ended up fucking. I could actually end the lay report there but I’ll give some more details for the sake of data entry. She was… fine. Middle of the road kind of medium-rare girl but without any kind of standout physical feature.

Victor and I met and had some drinks beforehand which actually turned out to be the most enjoyable part of the evening. It was great to see how our shared background – and mindset – helped me to give my recent Player’s Journal posts more perspective.

From there we moved to a bar-come-club where we waited for the girls to arrive. When they did we mostly just continued to talk as the girls listened to us. They lapped up our jokes and so it was easy to build value. Though Beatrice spoke perfect English Victor’s girlfriend did not, and so when Victor went out to use the bathroom it was very easy to just frame myself and use her laughter as social proof.

At some point a third friend turned up and proved herself to be an incredible drag. She refused a drink and sullenly spoke to Beatrice in their funny language. If I’m honest, at the time, I didn’t care if she dragged Beatrice away because I was in two minds over pursuing her; it was pure notch fodder. But after about an hour the third girl left of her own accord leaving us as two pairs again. Then I noticed how the girls bought the group drinks (probably trying to get herself/themselves drunk: always a strong sign of interest) and Victor pointed out that Beatrice kept on looking at me. I took it as a sign to gradually show interest and begin to escalate.

We went to a separate area and “danced.” I say that because I absolutely hate dancing and wasn’t in the mood for some kind of high energy ironic-dancing, so instead I just moved a little bit and encouraged Beatrice to get more into the music, which she did. When Victor and his girl would turn their backs I would escalate a little further, in order to show Beatrice I understood plausible deniability, moving her around by grabbing her arms and waving her around and messing with her hair. I saw the opportunity and moved in and kissed her, which she took eagerly, so I got her into isolation in the smoking area to heat her up a little and offer the bounce back, which she accepted.

We left pretty much immediately and went back to mine where I got my +1 with the kind of sex I put zero effort into. I went to bathroom and when I came back she was already dressed. In and out within half an hour. Perfect. I consider it more of an achievement that I went straight to sleep afterwards rather than order takeaway food.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

One thought on “#58: Low Hanging Fruit

  1. Do you find your day-game persona and your social persona are similar or is it different in anyway?

    There’re 90% converged now. My family, friends and colleagues all know I’m a player. The 10% comes from going to work each day; that’s the last part of the blue pill world left in me.


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