Spring has rolled into summer and my brain is awash with thoughts just as the streets are right now. London fluctuates between floods of rain – hailstones today actually – and clear piercing skies. Add to that the wind and you’ve got a perfect storm brewing.

The weather seems to have brought out more of the same. There’s been no great uptick in quality which makes me think that people haven’t really cottoned onto the idea yet: that they should be outside in their finest. My conclusion is that the streets are getting there but aren’t there just yet. Give it a month, I reckon.

My energy’s matching the improving conditions and I feel as if I’m carried forward by another energy, one that wasn’t present in the first two months of the year. January I felt calm, content even, willing to walk the streets and see what floated by. February was about ramping up and giving myself a little bit more propulsion if only to build a little momentum. March is here and I think my plan has been proven correct: I managed my vibe and energy in the first two months of the year so that when spring arrived I was chomping at the bit.

Last year I mismanaged my energy: I went for too much too early. I assumed I was going to be just as relentless as 2017 and when I didn’t live up to those expectations I felt guilty. Now in 2019, with a bit more perspective, I’m positively bouncing between sets, rolling into the next one with a smile on my face and allowing any negativity just wash over me.

With more sets there’s more opportunity for observation. I’m getting a social hook in probably 80% of my sets at the moment, the remaining 20% being standard blowouts, mainly where I knowingly went for a low probability girl. Those sets where the girl gives me the time of day last between two and three minutes and end when the girl excuses herself. That or I see there’s not enough interest so I offer the close as a polite way for her to refuse and leave.

If there’s a sexual hook point – probably 40% of the time – I’ll potter along as I normally would and go for the close, and am always being met by a couple of seconds of intense eye contact. At first it got to me. Oh this is where she says she has a boyfriend, I’d think, before scurrying off. I’m assuming that this momentary lack of confidence flickered through my eyes and mannerisms and created a self-fulfilling prophecy. Then I acknowledged what was going on and acted on it: I prepared myself for the non-verbal assault which massively improved the strength of my eye contact in that moment. It’s lead to a kind of ‘oh this guy is serious’ reaction in those girls who are on the fence, who are suddenly confronting the reality of the offer which is being put in front of them. I’m hoping that with a little bit more patience with texting and dating that the results will be flowing soon.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

One thought on “10/03/19

  1. It was nice this afternoon, but disappointing in terms of opportunities. I walked around Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden for a bit before heading to the market by Liverpool Street where I had one interaction that didn’t go anywhere. [I haven’t done LS before. I would have thought it was dead on weekends. I agree on the lack of opportunities; it’s like I said: it seems people didn’t get the memo – TC]


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