#63: (And Die With Your Mask On If You’ve Got To) (Analysis)

Afterwork Daygame: everyone knows it’s a ballache to pack up at work, head home, whack your Daygame gear on and then head out with an effective vibe. One way to get over this particular difficulty is to make it as easy for yourself as possible. Don’t tell yourself your going to “hit the streets hard” and only go home once I have “an idate,” “three new leads,” “done 10 sets,” etc. My plan is simple: I get in and get changed then I head downstairs and pick up a coffee on the way to get the bus towards central London. Then I do one loop of town which takes me about an hour and a half; job done. I don’t pressure myself in any other way besides that I’ll walk the entirety of that loop. Then as I go along I know that just walking would be a bit of a waste of time (I could, after all, take a much more scenic walk away from the crowds) and so I do a set or two. Maybe I throw one out there because ‘first one’s the worst one’ and before you know it I’m back where I started with four or five sets under my belt.

Girls on Holiday: this American girl never came out. She was in London with her parents for only three days… but you never know what might happen. I had a lay in late 2017 where a Russian girl was in the same situation and she sneaked away from her parents to have sex with me. What was the cost to me? A few texts where I pushed straight to asking her out. With this American girl luck wasn’t in my favour but what if she had come to meet me? The probability of the lay would have been very high indeed.

Spider Sense: an experienced Daygamer will have a well attuned spider sense as of which girls to approach and which girls not to approach. Nine times out of ten when I approach without this sense the set doesn’t go well, so when I feel this sensation I approach. I can’t describe it beyond what’s already been written about pre-approach calibration and some fluff about trusting your gut instinct. Just know that if she turned your head then she did for a reason, even if she’s ‘just a seven.’

Age: these days I never lie about my age. I clearly don’t have the problem of girls thinking I’m too old but in the past I have told girls I’m older than I am, plus the rare occasion when a very young (legal!) girl has asked my age and I’ve magically lost a few years. But now I’m up front and honest about it, and I rarely do the ‘guess my age’ dance unless it feels like a shit test which for me, right now, is rare. As an interesting aside I didn’t tell Alice my age until after the lay and she said she would never knowingly have slept with someone younger than her, so I guess I was right not to bring it up at all.

Conversation at Arm’s Length: I noticed quite quickly that Alice wasn’t giving herself fully to the conversation and so I didn’t much either. That’s not to say I was lying, or that I didn’t express proper warmth in my comments, it’s just that I noticed that she wanted our avatars to interact. In real terms it meant I was a bit more sarcastic and douchey.

Drinks: you can calibrate where a girl is at by what she drinks. Single gin and tonic? She wants to stay as sober as possible to check you out. Pints of beer/cider? She wants to be smashed.

Escalation: these days I don’t stick to a particular escalation script like I used to. I used to use Torero’s five step physical and verbal escalation ladder and follow it religiously. These days the most verbal escalation I do is to ask what she’s attracted to and what she likes about me. Physically I begin with hands and rings then onto hair. If she lets my hand up into her hair then I’ll try to kiss her. Apart from that I want to keep the vibe of the conversation up and stay away from topics non-conducive to seduction i.e. the usual suspects such as politics, religion, feminism, etc. In my opinion it’s the closest you can do to mimicking a natural because a natural will just have a nice conversation and intersperse it with escalation. I don’t want to make big plays, I just want pleasant conversation which slowly amps in sexual tension.

Pre-Mating Mate Guarding: it would have been stupid to let her walk back to the station on her on, even though it put me out of my own way a bit. You never know if you’ll lose the girl because another guy gets there first.

Texting: in practice this meant that I sent her my first ping the following morning, she responded with a question and I responded with a question. Once she had responded to that I knew that she was definitely interested and so went for the date request.

Sexual Quips: this is easier than it sounds. Just watch the ‘Nudge Nudge Wink Wink’ Monty Python sketch and you’ll understand. Twist whatever she says as something sexual or turn attention to body parts. For example with an Australian girl you might mention how their word for sandals is thongs. Another example which I’ve been using recently is to talk about the fact that I’ve been having cold showers which naturally involves her thinking about my body. Don’t describe yourself as tall, instead say you’re a ‘long person’. You get the picture…

Your Honest Opinion: now I’ve only done this twice at the moment so I can’t confirm it’s effectiveness but I’ll simply tell a girl what I think about them. It’s quite an aggressive frame push but I can imagine that it would have a good effect: you put the girl in a situation where she either agrees to being the bad thing (standoffish, shy, etc.) or qualifies that she’s the opposite and does so by complying with future escalation. Really you’re shit testing her.

Re-Offering the Bounce Home: considering how many green lights Alice had given me it would have been criminal not to have gone for it again, so I did.

One thought on “#63: (And Die With Your Mask On If You’ve Got To) (Analysis)

  1. This is a fantastic breakdown of aspects of a date and lay. Many daygamers tell a story (which is good) but I like the didactic aspect of your work as well. It also gives me new ideas and perspectives on aspects that I may have missed.

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