What Makes Someone an Advanced Daygamer?

This was a question I thought about for a few minutes before whacking on my twitter account. I ended up getting a lot of responses which I’ll cover in this post plus the ones I can think of myself or have heard previously.

Time/set/lay dependent: you become an advanced Daygamer after doing it consistently for X number of years, or doing X number of sets or reaching X number of lays. The problem is actually how to come up with that number. It’s much easier to quantify the movement from beginner to intermediate: one year of consistent Daygame, 1000 sets, or their first lay, for example.

You move from technique focused to vibe focused: this is the point where you stop reading textbooks because they have no more instructional value for you; it’s already written in your muscle memory. Instead, you become solely focused on having a good vibe, whether that’s in the run up to your sessions and dates through your lifestyle or actively spiking your vibe while on the street.

Approach to lay ratio: the figure of 1:30 gets thrown around a lot but there should probably be some kind of consideration for quality. The problem that gets introduced then is regarding the SMV of the Daygamer himself. A male five, all things considered, has a lot of targets to shoot at which could be considered ‘Game.’ A male seven less so. For the vast majority of men Daygame is exceedingly hard and so how much of a handicap do we apply to those with a good starting SMV?

Quality: to have a high average quality of the girls you’re fucking. There was also a suggestion that an advanced Daygamer should have at least fucked one nine.

Internet personalities: while this suggestion was made in jest, it actually makes a good point. We tend to think that people who blather on on the internet about pickup must be advanced given that they’ve assumed a voice of authority… oh wait…

Skill level: I think that this one is the most esoteric and would be shown by one of the above markers like a ratio or number of lays (to be able to say someone has a high skill level you’d have to point to some achievement; you can’t be brave without having faced danger, for example). Still though, a guy might stop Daygame and still have the skillset. Would that person stop being an advanced Daygamer if they stopped Daygaming?

Here’s a few more:

  • Someone who gets mostly SDLs and first date lays
  • Someone who has got a lot of flags
  • Someone who can coach others to a good proficiency
  • Someone who has low AA
  • Someone who takes their opportunities / doesn’t make mistakes
  • Someone who has calibration a level above an intermediate

That’s a big fat list right there. The problem is, where possible, what are the actual numbers? How do you reach the ‘advanced number’ for the quantitative assessments? The qualitative assessments are even harder to reach, if not impossible.

At the end of the day, here’s what I think is the correct answer: if you have to ask whether you’re an advanced Daygamer, then you’re not.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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