#66: Dead Ringer (Analysis)

Crazies: I don’t know whether it’s just me bringing out the craziness in girls or if I’m just being drawn to the crazies more these days. It’s a genuine question and I have a couple of theories. Firstly, it might be that I have a better eye for a girl who will be easier to get the lay with and they happen to be crazy. Secondly, and preferably, it’s that something about me is drawing the craziness out of the girls which can be used to propel ourselves to the lay.

Idates: I know that if I tell myself I’m “always going to go for the SDL” then it’ll be a fool’s errand. It messes up my intent and I stop trying to optimise my reactions in-set. I’ll only ever go out in this manner in special situations, for example here where I was tired or if it was at the end of a trip where I needed something to happen fast. Even then I’ll still be thinking about whether I should actually idate the girl or move on and look for another. It’s better to spend those 45 minutes looking for a better set than on a date to nowhere.

Let the sets come to you: there’s a maxim that ‘first one’s the worst one’ and I think that’s true for beginners, but not for intermediate/advanced Daygamers because their vibe is a lot more resistant. Beginners need a mantra which wills them into their first set so they can get to work on reducing their AA. More experienced Daygamers don’t need this and so I’d recommend simply letting the sets come to you, even if it is the first one. There’s a very pleasant feeling in knowing that you carefully picked each set and had a reason for doing it and it means that even if you get blown out, you still know you’re doing your best work.

Playful tease: this has been covered over and over before, but this is almost like a game within a game. Looking at a girl and coming up with something smart is a little vibe boost which can power the beginning of your set. Just imagine yourself as a kid who’s made something in art class and you’re proudly presenting it to the teacher/your parents. Extra marks if it’s something you can use as an excuse to begin kino.

Stereotypes: this is in Mastery plus other places too (I guess) but I don’t hear guys using it or saying they used it. It’s a great conversation point: to ask a girl what her stereotypes are of your own country. You feed yours of hers back as well. It’s great fodder for vibing. And you don’t need to be from a different country for it to work either, you can do it for anything (regions, jobs, etc.).

Idate signs: touching Joanna’s hair near her head was a strong signal to idate. Touching her bra was like the greeniest green light of all. There were other great signs like close proximity and other incidental touches while I gesticulated but that was the nail in the coffin. Once you have a good level of physical compliance you should…

Enquire for logistics: I asked where Joanna was going and she was on her way to pick up dinner and then go home but she couldn’t get it until her voucher came into effect (it only worked after 9pm or something). I figured that I had at least one drink’s worth of time to filter her via my escalation and see where she sat. If she was really into me but was still hungry then we could easily go somewhere for her to scarf down some food. In reality she never pushed to go and get food and the idate progressed. Now if she’d said she was on her way to meet friends right now or later that evening, I’d probably have let her go and taken a number. I wouldn’t have had enough time to get her back to mine and even if she would have been meeting them many hours later, it would have still loomed large in her mind. My key aim in these circumstances is to avoid idates which have very low chances of leading to SDLs.

Alcohol: you can calibrate a girl based on what she drinks. Joanna wanted a cider, the bartender pulled a pint and Joanna never spoke up regarding the size. If a girl orders a small glass of wine you can tell that she’s either just window shopping or is genuinely undecided on you. Pints of beer and cider mean business.

“This is fast!”: I take this to mean that a girl is impressed by my bravado and wants me to continue escalating as so, especially if she says it right after a key moment of escalation. Naturally if she’s rejecting a few touches here and there, she’s probably on a script so slow you’d rather overescalate it than see it to the end. If she follows up her comment and tries to redirect the conversation to comfort topics where she wants you to qualify (e.g. “this is so fast, we don’t even know each other. Tell me about yourself”) then in my experience she’s a timewaster. A girl who genuinely likes you but just wants more comfort will either go directly to a topic she knows you’re interested in (by way of apology) or will stay quiet to evaluate your ability to rebuild the vibe.

Framing the girl: we’re always trying to frame girls by using words like ‘crazy’ (in an advantageous way), ‘easygoing’ and ‘rebellious,’ to name a few. The problem is where we accidentally introduce frames to the girl which are counterproductive to seduction. The bigger problem is that a girl will always allow you to derail the seduction, it’s one of her derailment methods (cue the Pimp My Ride meme…). What began as my innocuous observation led her to associating herself with that frame and holding it in her mind. It meant for her to comply, she had to not comply (to be a tease). I’ve had this before where I’ve jokingly said “alright princess” to some entitled behaviour and the girl just snapped and went “yes, I am a princess” and from then on it was a lost cause. Framing ought to come with trigger warnings!

Tire her out: you’ll notice that girls will stamp their feet and ball their fists but it’s all just an outlet for their energy. If they’re attracted to you and there are no logistical barriers you just need to wait her out. For example, see my post on what I called the ‘stealth-on super slut’: those girls will actually act with poor behaviour even though they want to have sex, because of their pent up ASD. You’ll see it with regular girls too where they become difficult for a period of time, probably because they don’t want to seem easy. The key is to identify the moment where you know that if you keep your value where it is now, she’ll sleep with you, and to act consistently from then on knowing that it’s only a matter of time.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

One thought on “#66: Dead Ringer (Analysis)

  1. “My key aim in these circumstances is to avoid idates which have very low chances of leading to SDLs.”
    Do you ever go for an idate if you want to make the number as solid as possible? Not take her number in the street, but go for the idate, get a number during it and then let her go with a proper date set up.

    [Actually I’ve never done that (intentionally) so can’t comment. TC]


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