How to Develop Your Archetype

I’m sure we’ve all seen it: the multitudes of Daygamers who have slapped a leather jacket on top of their regular clothes. Well what if you needed to go much, much further to make it work? At a meta level, these guys probably only want to go so deep. Purple Pill is good enough for them. But for those who want to develop a strong archetype, what should they do?

Before we continue, check out Red Pill Dad’s blog post on archetypes (link here). It is worth reading.

An archetype is simply “the original pattern from which copies are made.” For us that means emulating certain memes: the rockstar, the travelling adventurer and the playboy, for example. The power lays in it being a meme. We might often stack on a girl’s nationality: “when I think of France I think of the Eiffel Tower and big baguettes.” Being French is a meme. It’s the same the other way around. When she thinks about rock stars what does she think? That’s the power of having a strong archetype. If we make a sincere effort to emulate an “original pattern” it will fill in the gaps in her head.

That means everything should be congruent. From top to tail. From meet to lay. Commit to the role and think through each stage of the seduction. Ask yourself, what would the quintessential rocker/biker/lounge lizard/adventurer/etc do in this situation? She should be able to tell a lot about you without you even speaking. It has to fit your personality though. Don’t get a leather jacket and try to dress like a rocker if you hate that type of music. Similarly, don’t dress like a city slicker and then take a girl to a dive bar.

Imagine you’re a kid and you’re going to a fancy dress party (for you American readers, that’s what we in England call costume parties). If the kid said “I want to be a cowboy,” what would they wear? Ask yourself the same question. Don’t go overboard with your archetype, though. Just because your archetype is “cowboy” it doesn’t mean you should have a plastic gun on your hip. Nor if your archetype is “viking” that you should wear a horned helmet.

This change isn’t going to happen overnight, though. Normally as you change each item of your attire or change something about your Game then it will feel a bit odd. Just give it time to settle. It will feel natural soon enough. Then move onto the next bit. You should probably start with the largest item which is commonly a jacket of some sort. Then the shoes. That will provide some nice bookends for your style. Then t-shirts/shirts and jeans before finally going onto accessories such as watches, bracelets, rings, necklaces, chains, and even earrings, tattoos and hats. Oh and don’t be cheap. Go one level up from H&M tat at least. Splurge! Go to Amazon!

This is part where a lot of guys get stuck and mindlessly reach for the leather jacket. No! There are so many options out there for you to choose from. As long as there’s a sufficient target market out and it fits your personality there then do it. Here is a list of examples: biker, rockstar, viking, 70s guy, lounge lizard, travelling adventurer, fuckboy, skater, punk rocker, rapper, city slicker, playboy, country gentleman, professor, cowboy, yoga instructor, bodybuilder, adrenaline junkie.

Just remember this isn’t advice for chads. Your look still needs to have all the classic masculine edges and colour schemes. Chads can get away with feminine modes e.g. the “chad tweak,” and these may in fact turn into pluses for them. Evolutionarily speaking, the peacock shows off its feathers because it is still alive even though its colourful plumage attracts predators. Remember that a shy chad is “cute” whereas a shy normie is “weird.”

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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