SMV is King

Disclaimer: this post is a continuation of the posts I’ve released in the past fews weeks with regards to realistic expectations and male SMV but in all honesty, if you’ve read Mystery Method, then you may not need to read this post.

Another disclaimer: throughout this post I talk about sixes, sevens and eights. Now, it’s impossible to categorise someone so cleanly with numbers and decimal places and so consider these as broad categories. There’s obviously no mathematical equation that goes on in someone’s head, just the notion that someone is below, at about the same level, or above them. The numbers are used because they help people to understand this stuff. There’s also the fact that one person will call someone a six, but then someone else calls that person an eight because they’re “just my type.” Keep this in mind.


“SMV is King” is the “calories in calories out” of Game. Whenever a guy and a girl hook up it’s because there’s some sort of parity in the perceived value. “Perceived” is the key word here because later on we need to talk about short and long run SMV and types.

This is how I like to break down the sources of male SMV together with the examples included in my previous post. Note how Game and vibe feature under charisma:

  • Looks: heights, bodyfat %, facial structure, muscularity
  • Status: visible wealth, social circle
  • Charisma: Game, likeability, leadership, vibe

A girl’s SMV, when we’re thinking about r-selected Daygame, is based on her looks and age. Of course if you want a relationship then there will be other factors which make up your calculation of a girl’s SMV. This doesn’t speak to how enjoyable reaching the lay would be with the girl either.

Now we just need a simple comparison: each person has a threshold for SMV they are willing to take. They also have a long run average threshold and a short run threshold. A guy might be a seven but is willing to lay a six. A girl might be a seven but will only sleep with eights. Whatever. If each person’s SMV is above the other person’s threshold on that day then game on.

So a guy can enter the situation in three circumstances. He can:

Open a girl who’s threshold is higher than his presented SMV

In this situation there will probably be a blowout. Or perhaps the girl will stick around out of politeness before excusing herself. It might be that his long run SMV is a six and her threshold is seven, for example. Or maybe his long run SMV is a seven but he’s in a bad mood that day (poor vibe) or got the approach wrong (poor Game) and so he presented himself poorly.

On the flip side, maybe her long run threshold is a six but on that day she wasn’t feeling well and so her short run threshold was an eight (the idea that she would only stop and talk if she saw a special opportunity).

Note that you’re only going to observe a short run SMV and a short run threshold on any particular day; the long run versions of these represent averages. By adhering to a consistent workout program, for example, you can build your long run SMV, but you short run SMV will bounce up and down around that day to day.

Open a girl for which his presented SMV exists between her threshold and her own SMV

In this case the girl will probably stop and give you a shot. This is the time for the Daygamer to work his Game and impress upon the girl his value and his vibe on that particular day. Let’s say that amount of time is one minute: in one minute the guy needs to increase his presented SMV up to and beyond the girl’s own SMV to cause attraction. If not then the girl will probably excuse herself or give a flaky number.

Open a girl for which his presented SMV is higher than her own SMV

In this case attraction is pretty much already in the bag. All the guy needs to do to maintain it is not fuck up (easier said than done) and move into comfort while spiking, and then going through the rest of the process.

Vibe and Types

Vibe is a special part of value because it’s variable and changes day to day. A six can wake up and present himself as a seven. An eight can wake up and present himself as a six. It pays to nurture your vibe – lead a healthy lifestyle, eat some healthy foods, exercise regularly, sleep well, enjoy your job, etc. – because it increases your perceived SMV when you approach. Once someone has hit their SMV potential (peak age, learned Game and can apply it, near their genetic potential for muscle, etc.) then the most they can do is strike when the iron is hot: milk a good vibe for all it’s worth because it’s going to be the only thing that can make you higher SMV than you actually are.

This also leads onto what happens if a guy has unrealistic expectations? What if he’s a six but thinks he’s a seven. Or a seven who thinks he’s an eight. God forbid, a six who thinks he’s an eight! Then that guy is only going to succeed on the rare occasions when his vibe boosts him up to the level that he thinks he is. The extra problem here is that if a guy walks around thinking he’s higher value than he is then the world will consistently confirm his lower value and his vibe will be negatively impacted.

Now that’s not to say that Game doesn’t work and/or exist. To begin with, Game is the process of aping someone who has a higher SMV than you. So your presented SMV is going to flicker back and forth and will impress on girls perceived SMV intermittently.

Another thing to mention are types. A girl might have a thing for black guys, very muscular guys, skinny guys, artistic guys, etc. In this case her perception of your SMV is going to be higher than it actually is. It’s the “he/she’s my 10” notion. As a sidenote: this represents the best way to get a relationship with someone who is higher SMV than you.


When I imagined writing this post I thought it would only be about 500 words. It’s turned out to be double that length now I’ve got down to it. The take home message is to stop thinking that you’re going to “cheat” the SMP in the long run. An efficient market matches up buyers and sellers and in this case it means matching the highest SMV men with the highest SMV women. If you’re getting results which you aren’t happy with then increase your SMV up to its potential and stimulate a good vibe. There’s not much more you can do. See where that gets you and know you did your best. There’s a reason why I’ve been labelling these posts under Inner Game.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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5 thoughts on “SMV is King

  1. Great post. And I think the point you made at the end needs to be said. There is no “cheating” the SMP. We need to learn game and build their SMV to max out on their potential, and that’s the best we can hope for.


    1. Thanks. Yeah I think if guys had a set of realistic expectations to go for they’d be happier. Then if they reach that they can see if they can do any better. To me that’s better than seeing a top guy’s results and automatically thinking that it’s doable.

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