Maximising Your Looks

As part of this ongoing series on male value I’m now going to go over looks. Looks are a massive part of someone’s value while practicing r-selected Game and so it pays to maximise them.

First let’s break down someone’s looks:

  • Facial and Height
  • Body
  • Fashion/Style

Facial and Height

I’m going to leave height out of this completely since you can’t change how tall you are. Yeah you can get shoes with a taller heel or inserts or whatever but do you really think that one inch is going to make a difference? Not to mention it will make walking more uncomfortable.

EDIT: I have since been informed by a trusted source that for someone 5″11′ or below, an inch or two on your height would make a huge difference and I’ll defer to them here. It makes sense now I think about girl’s height and how becoming taller than a girl makes you instantly more fuckable. It’s not something I think about myself being very tall (perhaps too tall).

Now onto facial structure. There isn’t anything we can do about our bone structure and so changing our faces isn’t possible per se, though I remember in Womaniser’s Bible that Krauser suggests that as someone’s Inner Game improves that their face will just be permanently set in a more attractive manner. Broscience perhaps, but it does make sense that someone will be more attractive if they aren’t wearing a permanent scowl.

What we can do for sure, though, is improve our health and in doing so have clearer skin and improve the clarity of our eyes. Health is attractive and I think our faces convey that immediately.

Then there’s the classic advice of taking care of facial hair and ensuring that nose, ear and eyebrow hairs don’t get out of control. I think there’s a sweet spot between two extremes: one where everything is allowed to get out of control and the opposite side where everything looks a bit too perfect. Get a wing to give you an honest assessment.


I think that the aim shouldn’t be to reach a certain bodyfat %, the aim should be to be as lean as possible while eating enough food to feel good, be healthy and have enough energy for working out. I’ll credit Coach Greg for that. Finding that sweet spot is easy when you count your calories and use trial and error, and apps like My Fitness Pal make that a doddle (send some money my way MFP).

In 2018 I took some bad advice from a colleague to start bulking. Hey presto, I became overweight. In reality I should have eaten at maintenance, stayed the same bodyfat % and slowly added muscle. So over the past few months I’ve been counting my calories and put myself in a small deficit which has led to me slowly losing weight. My aim is to lose 0.5 to 1% of my median weight each week and to drop 40 lbs in total. I began with a 20 lb goal but the old adage is true: take your goal and double it to get where you actually want to be. I can tell that because I’m 15 lbs in and not where I want to be yet, plus I don’t feel hungry often at all.

I use my scales each morning to get my weight and a bodyfat percentage reading but the latter cannot be described as accurate. I’m not saying the scale is stupid – it returns 19.5% subcutaneous fat and 22.7% bodyfat which I think is roughly accurate – it just returns whatever its inbuilt system reports to it. If I took a dexa scan it would show a different percentage. If I took one of the caliper tests it would show another result. These numbers are only guides and shouldn’t be taken as exact figure and is one of the reasons why aiming for a certain bodyfat % is a fool’s errand.

Below is a graph of my progress taken from My Fitness Pal. The initial sideways trend is where I’m practicing trial and error to find my maintenance calories.

You should lift weights as well, which you should already know. Pre-lockdown I was going to the gym four times a week with a four day split. I’ve been using resistance bands during the lockdown and when the gyms reopen I’m going to do a two day split and hit each muscle twice a week over four visits. The key, though, is consistency: I simply don’t miss workouts.


Whichever look you go for, my only advice would be to not go over the top. I did this myself with all the trinkets, necklaces and rings, but I found the best approach would be one where you limit yourself to one, or maybe two, interesting items. I think the point is to show the girl that you sit at the edge of the herd, rather than outside it, whether that’s through a non-mainstream style or from simply having well fit and neat clothing (most guys i.e. the herd, don’t have these things).

Toning down your fashion/style also depends on where you sit on the spectrum of mainstream appeal; if you can alter your fashion and style and make it less extreme and move closer to the optimum then that is better. However, if emphasising polarity is your best strategy then you want to go to the upper limits of acceptably weird. It’s up to you.

Inner Game and Looks

Then there’s the question of “do looks matter?” Now when we take that as a blanket statement and say your looks don’t matter at all and that only the way you feel about your looks then most people would agree that that’s wrong. I personally completely disagree with that statement and do see objective value in looks alone.

Now when it’s framed as “do looks matter as much as how you feel about your looks” then we have a debate going. The answer is up to you and I’m sure that there are examples out there for both camps. I think the question is this:

  • Is it 80% looks, 20% how you feel about it, or…
  • 20% looks, 80% how you feel about it

In my personal experience, having Daygamed at quite a wide range of weight, I got better reactions and more IOIs (whether proper IOIs or just indicators of intrigue) when I was slimmer (no shit). I sit firmly in that 80% looks, 20% how you feel about it camp.


And that’s all I can think of to say on the matter. Long story short, if you’re not maximising your looks then you’re leaving money on the table.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

P.S. the twitter response to this post made me want to come back and clarify something. I said I fall on the side of it being 80% looks and 20% how you feel about it and now I want to drive home the point to those with the opposite view: in my opinion looks matter objectively and good Game will only compensate for bad looks to a degree. I think that people who try to tell you that it’s 80% how you feel about it (or some who even say it’s 100% how you feel about it) are simply snake oil salesmen who are trying to get you to believe that there is an easy way out.

You would need to have a tremendous talent for Game to outweigh bad looks – or to get excellent results and have average looks – and that is unlikely as few have this potential. Now read carefully: at which point in the above did I say that anyone should not practice Game? Nowhere. There is a reason why I say things like “most guys won’t get 12 lays from Daygame in a year.” When I put in words like “most” or “probably” I’m saying that it is possible but it is going to be very hard and you’re probably (there’s that word again) going to need to work much harder than your peers. It didn’t say “don’t bother” or “it’s impossible.”

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