#73: Sharp Dressed Man

The heat has passed and finally I can feel good again. I’m not kidding when I say that heat is my kryptonite. I suppose it’s the price to pay for having these luscious ginger locks. Being able to wear my leather jacket, jeans and let my hair down looks and feels great. Also, therein lies my secret weapon: my jeans. You see, they have zips on them. Not rips. The hierarchy of jeans go zips, then rips, then plain. Important lesson.

I was winging with Lee – recently moved to London – and we were having a bit of a mega Daygame day. I was well up for it: this kind of 15 to 20 degree weather reminds me of when I started Daygame and it brings on a kind of nostalgia as if I’m reliving those initial sets and the rush which came with them.

We had gone up and down Oxford Street before going to London Bridge because the heavens had opened. We went and had a look around and there wasn’t much going on. Lee is from a smaller city in the UK and so he’s coming from a place of needing to squeeze every last drop of Daygame out of a place: the train stations, malls, shops, parks, etc. The thing is that in London nothing beats the centre. That’s where the volume is and you can get your fill there. The other places in London are good mainly for convenience if you happen to live there or just to take a break and see some new surroundings. Nonetheless I did a set around London Bridge and got myself a nice coffee, so it wasn’t too bad.

We had completed a long lap and Lee suggested going back to Oxford Street. I was initially hesitant.

“All the way back?” I asked. I didn’t want to board the tube again. “Oh okay fine,” I relented.

We got off at Bond Street and walked towards Marble Arch before turning back around again. We both had our umbrellas up. A fine mist had begun to descend.

I spotted Egle giving me a look as we went by. She had gingerish hair, was very tall for a girl – 180cm – and had a curvy figure. 27 years old. Lithuanian. A low seven I’d say.

“One for you,” Lee said, but I had already turned around and gone back up the road.

Her eyes spazzed out from the first second and that continued throughout the set. Her eyes almost looked like they would jump out of her skull when I touched her hand and the ends of her hair. This was looking to be an enthusiastic lead.

“This has never happened to me in three years I’ve been here,” Egle said, which surprised me. I later learned that she had lost a lot of weight in the past so perhaps that was why.

“Well I saw you looking at me and you looked like you were thinking ‘mmmm,’ so I wanted to come and say hello.”

“I just… can’t really hide my expression when I’m…”


“Yes!” she laughed.

I took her number and shortly after she messaged me “hey :)”. From there I built quickly into a date request.

“I’ll be having a drink after work with my friends until 7pm. So after that I’m all yours.”

Nice. If a girl’s drinking before the date itself – or prodigiously on the date – the chance of a lay increases mightily.

We met at the train station near my house and went for a whiskey in a nearby bar. Immediately her eyes began to spazz again and occasionally she’d bite her lip. She talked about her life. About moving to England. About her job and her interest in music. She said she liked to cook. That she liked to be in control in the kitchen.

“Oh so you like to be in control in the kitchen?” I asked.


“And with the music?”


“But elsewhere… you don’t like being in control? You like someone else to take control?”

She bit her lip. I continued:

“I see. So you like to be in control in the kitchen and with music,” I said as I counted one and two with my fingers. “And you like someone else to take control in…” I paused, then fluttered my hands around in the air, “another dimension.”

She bit her lip and couldn’t seem to say anything in response.

Then she wanted to know more about me so I told her about my plans to quit my work. About downshifting. I focused on the theme of doing what I want to do. Finding happiness and pleasure in my life in equal amounts. And most of all being free and not doing what anyone else tells me to do. Then I told her about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It was so hawt. It seemed to put her in a mild state of shock. I guess it’s not something anyone from her country would say they were doing. It obviously killed any future projections she might have about being boyfriend and girlfriend.

I did try and kiss her in that first venue. We ended up holding hands and it looked so easy to just will her in with my eyes and kiss her but she drew back at the last second. What a whore! The conversation didn’t falter at all, though, and when we left that bar I compared heights with her and kissed her. I pulled her hair a little bit too and that earned a soft intake of breath. That was the only signal I needed. I knew she wanted tonnes of hard dominance and that I would simply need to lead back to mine tonight and overrule any token resistance by saying things like “I don’t care” or “I’m doing this because I want to.” It’s why I think she was such a Yes girl for me. I know that I tend to give extremely dominant eye contact and some girls respond amazingly well to it. For others it’s too much and they’re put off. I reckon that it’s the softening of that look during a period of excellent vibe which would leads to better than average levels of success.

We sat down in the second bar and played the Questions Game which heated her up mightily. It was comical, actually. It was getting real filthy and she was clamouring over me. Just at the perfect moment the waitress returned to our table to check everything was okay. We both looked up like deer in the headlights and Egle whipped her hand back. She’d been clawing at my dick.

“All good thanks,” I said.

Egle told me that she loved to tease. That gave me another useful bit of information. It meant I had to string things out a little longer so she could enjoy the moment. If I pulled her back to mine too soon then she wouldn’t get the kind of enjoyment she expected from the encounter. So when she asked me:

“So how do you see tonight ending?”

I told her:

“Well, we’re going to finish these drinks. Then we’re going to have another one. Then we’re going to go back to mine for another. And, if you’re feeling comfortable, we’ll go to…. Another dimension.”

And I did exactly that. The LMR took about half an hour to bust but it wasn’t any kind of actual resistance to sex. It was more like letting her play the teasing game. I’d escalate a little further then she’d jokingly admonish me for not having the drink I said we would have. So I’d say “oh yes of course!” and then go get my drink. The escalation would stick, though.


Afterwards she told me she hadn’t had sex since March and that she told her (male) friend who she’d made dinner for the previous evening about meeting me. Apparently he was a bit jealous. They had slept together in the past. It sounded like she’d friend zoned a lot of guys in her time.

Not this guy though.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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