Doing More Approaches (Approach Indicator Hierarchy)

Recently I decided enough was enough: I simply haven’t been doing enough sets. Whereas in my first year I was nearly always doing ten sets in a session now it’s more like one to three if I’m solo. If I’m out winged perhaps five. I need to find the balance, and that’s what this post is about.

I’ve done this in the past, given myself the goal to “do more sets,” but it never worked out well. One of the problems I encountered was that I would then go and do too many sets. I’d go back towards that 10 set figure and find that the vibe dropped out of my Daygame. I was approaching too often and it became more about flipping stones than implementing a skillset: getting the pre-approach correct and carefully picking my targets. So then I’d just go back to how it was, doing a few sets per session. It’s just exhausting to throw yourself under too many buses. It takes the joy out of Daygame and replaces it with grind.

And that method did work for me. My approach to lay ratio was improving each year as I eliminated the No girls from my approaches. But now it’s time to go back the other way a bit. I’ve learned how to eliminate the No girls. I’ve done enough sets now where I walk away from it thinking “I knew I didn’t need to do that one.” Now I want to start incorporating some more medium shades of Maybe back into my palette.

So I gave myself an arbitrary goal: approach one girl every half an hour. It doesn’t sound like much but it’s about double my previous workrate. And as a caveat: that’s in London; when I was travelling I could cherry pick my approaches and still do 10 in three hours. The second thing to be aware of is that as I’ve stopped counting stats I’ve felt freer to approach the (seemingly) less interested girls. The third thing is that I see this as a good strategy now that I’m losing weight and maximising my looks: there could quite easily be some girls out there who I don’t know would be interested unless I approached. The kind of girls for which “I’d do” as a stopover before their next boyfriend.

I’ve been experimenting with this workrate for three sessions now and this is what I’ve found:

The enforced workrate is a powerful motivator. Even in the first five minutes of each half an hour I can spot a girl and think I can get my set done for this half an hour. So far I’ve only had the problem of not getting the approach done within the half an hour once. In fact in most sessions I’m actually going one set over the “one per half an hour” rule and doing, say, six approaches in two and a half hours.

In fact the motivation is so powerful that I feel I need to introduce a hierarchy of approach indicators and then methodically work down them as the half hour goes on. The reason why I want to include this hierarchy is because I still want to feel like I’m doing the best possible set from each half an hour chunk. Not simply a random set. For me using skill (or at least appearing to) improves my vibe and therefore my results.

Strong Interest in Me

To begin with there are the sets I would have been doing previously: the girls who give me strong IOIs such as double takes, sustained looks or snatched glances as we pass each other. There are also the girls who are too hot to pass up on. These are the sets which I’ll do regardless of how many I’ve done so far.

Interest in the World

These would be the girls who seem to show horniness and/or openness to their environment/adventure. Examples would include hip sway and looking up and around, respectively. Other examples would include her wearing red, pushing her butt backwards and breasts forwards, having a mischievous or impish face, walking alone later in the day/night, etc.

Weak Interest in Me

These might be the girls who give quick glances and make eye contact as we walk towards each other. They might be the girls who look at me then forcibly look away. This would include any kind of girl who seems to exhibit a reaction as we walk past each other which goes beyond the norm. With these girls I can’t be sure if they like me or whether they were simply looking at me out of intrigued (rather than interest).

DNA Tug / Spider Sense

I’ve put this category here with the disclaimer that it would be a girl who didn’t show a strong interest in me already. Most girls who are drawn to me immediately will IOI me and I’ll catch them at it, so they would be in the “strong interest” category. Ditto for spider sense or for horny girls who give me a look. I’m very active in looking for IOIs so I rarely miss them when out solo. These would be the kind of girls where I get the feeling that something could be on but can’t really describe why. For some reason my eyes are just drawn to these girls as being higher probability sets. Perhaps it’s because they remind me of a girl I’ve laid before and I imagine there will be a shared psychology.

General “Ins”

This might be a girl where I see the opener as being particularly easy. Perhaps she’s really tall for a girl and I can relate to being tall. Maybe she’s dyed her hair red and so I can tease her as being a fake natty ginger. Or maybe the tease is just so obvious that I might as well go and use it. Really I’m just looking for a reason to approach at this point.

Merely Attractive

This would be the kind of girl I’d approach only to hit the workrate. I want to hold myself accountable to the arbitrary workrate for now so that I know I’m being consistent.

I’ll maybe post an update on this in a couple of month’s time to see how it went.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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