Prague Revisited (Part 1)

You can find my review of Prague here. This is Prague revisited: the review.

My Uber wound its way down the hill, over cobbled streets, under electrical lines, towards my apartment and I felt so strange. Whereas when I went came here first I carried a fair bit of anxiety over proving myself. This time I felt at ease. It was strange, in my opinion, at least. There was a cafe I recognised. There was the Burger King on Na Prikope; the end where not much Daygame gets done since I’d always take a left towards the Narodni Museum. I felt some nostalgia as if returning to a holiday location of my childhood.

I checked into my apartment, met for drinks and food, then hit the hay. There wasn’t much to be done on a Sunday night. The next four days were mostly the same and there was cracking weather. I did my number farm – 50 sets – and got a bunch of leads. I was walking for about six hours each day, taking breaks for coffee (fishing) whenever I felt tired. I winged about half of the time, either with Mr White or Salman, and it kept me in a great mood. There were a couple of days of great vibe, the first and fourth, and two days of medium rare vibe sandwiched in between. The effect of having wings there was huge for me as both my previous trips were solo. It made me think that it’s better to go somewhere with a wing even if it’s not your first choice destination rather than go to your first choice on your own.

The next four days involved going on a few dates while avoiding the rain: two with a Kazakh girl who wouldn’t kiss me. I gave her the talk and she still wouldn’t kiss and so I said goodbye. One with a Czech girl who I did kiss but she didn’t live in Prague and so logistics spoiled it. Then again, she seemed quite inexperienced and I personally couldn’t see it ending in sex while I was there. Nonetheless I tried. It was the first time I’ve ever experienced the idea that I would have been able to lay these (or some other) girls if I lived there. Or perhaps if I was there remotely working for a month or something. There were some sets where after finding out when I was leaving town the girl literally deflated and wasn’t interested anymore.

The four days after that it brightened up and so I hit the streets again. I felt a strong shift towards r-selection from this point onwards. Whereas before I could see a girl for coffee dates and then build up to something, I now needed something to happen fast. It meant that I went into each set and purposefully moved it forward quickly by taking direct control of the conversation and then pushing for a number close or idate. If any girl responded to my feeler then I would date request straight off the back of it.

Dating wise I saw another Czech girl: the one who flaked on the third date. Then towards the end of the week I got the SDDL.

Though I’m not trying to count stats these days, I couldn’t help but remember how many sets I did. Remembering the dates is much easier. Here’s the final tally with ratios in brackets:

Approaches: 84

Numbers: 29 (2.9:1)

Idates and Delayed Idates: 3

First Dates: 5 (17:1)

Lays: 1

I’m much happier with those numbers compared to the initial trip to Prague where I only got one first date and one delayed idate. Having those dates gave me some information: that my vibe was much better on this trip and/or (probably and) my SMV is higher. Overall I got a good feeling that my sets were leading to something compared to the first trip where I felt as if the Daygame was like a black box which produced false positives, even though both trips ended with very quick lays.

And that’s really the story of my trip. I wouldn’t go back to Prague soon because I want to see other cities (though look what I said after the last time I went!). Soon I’ll write up part 2 of this review with some of the thoughts that occurred to me while I was there.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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