The Hippy Girls Who Just Aren’t Amenable to Daygame

I’ve noticed a weird fashion trend recently: girls dressing up in 70s hippy fashion, with woolen crop tops and flared jeans. Typically any print contains flowers. She might wear John Lennon’s sunglasses as well. Her make up probably includes a lot of work on the eyes and will use bright colours such as green and blue, as well as glitter, and she might wax/gel her eyebrows so that they’re pointed upwards (not kidding, this does appear to be a trend). The same goes for girls wearing those “soccer mom” jeans which make them look like they’ve got a freshly filled pair of Huggies on. Or perhaps massive pairs of trainers. It’s possible that they will go a step further and won’t wear a bra under that woolen crop top: I reckon that it’s just a thirst trap. The funny thing is that I notice a lot of these girls, when they get men naturally staring at their tits, start to put their hands over them.

I pointed this out to two wings and they both confirmed that it wasn’t a good look. I figure that looser fitting, hippy clothing, or the soccer mom jeans might be an effort by such girls to hide their weight. It really annoys me that the average western girl is overweight. I think to myself “isn’t it worth being healthy, at the least?” I’m fairly sure that this is because of the SMP being tilted in favour of women in these countries, and so they can let their standards lapse, similar to how men in countries where the SMP tilts in their favour look worse. But overall it’s ironic to me that I see a lot of overweight western girls, but then I myself am very strict with what I eat to ensure I stay lean.

What interests me is that when you look at these girls who wear the hippy fashion you think to yourself “she must be the creative type;” exactly the sort of girl who you’d expect to be amenable to Daygame. Approach them and… nope: they’re like a deer in the headlights. It seems that rather than being an invitation to approach, it’s more like a signal that the girl hasn’t got a clue how to interact outside of her comfort zone. That and/or that being talked to by someone outside of her social circle is such an act of craziness that she freezes.

It reminds me of something I said a while ago that you should polarise to the point of being on the “outer fringes of acceptably weird.” Beyond that you’re going from being the different guy to the weird guy. Well it seems that these girls are showing themselves to have gone beyond that point and are now officially weird girls.

I have a theory that this is because Gen Z is very left wing and the trend harkens back to another left wing period. It can be easy to become nihilistic in the current world and want to reject it, which is why I think you’re seeing this trend as it’s a rejection of the status quo in a way. I think it’s also why that kind of empty but atmospheric dream pop is very popular right now: because it resonates with a generation who themselves feel a kind of emptiness. Just note I’m not saying that they should fill that hole with religion or anything in particular, it’s just an observation.

Would be interested to know if other people have had the same experience. This feels like the opposite to the choker trend from a few years ago. That proved to be a great sign to approach.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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2 thoughts on “The Hippy Girls Who Just Aren’t Amenable to Daygame

  1. Living in London I know the exact type. What’s key is they’re not hippies at all, deffo not in mindset. It just happens this is the current aesthetic that’s in trend/ promoted by fast fashion chains atm to the yoof & as mainstream sheep, these lot follow/imitate it to the letter.
    Being sheep who always look to the herd for direction, as they do for fashion they very likely do the same for their dating choices which would explain why they aren’t particularly amenable to daygame. A daygame approach/ date is a leap of faith that this subsection of gen z who have grown up used to constant social media/ social approval probably struggles to take alone without some sort of a group consensus.
    On top of that if you add the cognitive dissonance that must come from being told to #free the nipple to defeat the patriarchy yet have it result in more men to checking you out and approaching you it’s equivalent to two worlds colliding.

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