So, What’s Going on in London Then?

It seems like we’re all in a slump right now and the weather isn’t helping. This weekend is looking like an absolute washout, as well, and earlier on I saw rivers of water running down the street.

It’s all been compounded by a distinct sense that things haven’t been going my way recently. First I had those two experiences with the retarded American girls, which you can read here. It’s made me think about how it’s easier trying to bang feminine girls than it is Anglosphere girls. For the latter, you seem to just need to be the right guy at the right time and so everything that happens between meeting and sex might as well just be noise. With more feminine girls you speak using a language of symbols, but once you understand those symbols, you can communicate reliably, and so you can actually discern the signal.

That feeling that things haven’t been going my way has translated into the sets, and beyond, into a lot of date flaking. I’ve had quite a few sets recently where it was going great, until the big reveal, whether that was a boyfriend or that she was going away for the weekend, or in some cases, back home for a month. Then there are the date flakes: I don’t think I’ve ever had so many in such a short space of time. I’ve started to notice that girls don’t just flake on the day of the date, they start to lay the groundwork days in advance by mentioning a project they just started at uni or how work has been so busy. You get the feeling from their shorter messages, sent further apart from each other, that they’re going to flake, so that on the day, it’s no surprise.

I haven’t had a new lay for about six weeks now and Kaiser hasn’t for about four. Lee Cho’s last lay was… I’m not sure. And Mr White has gone all softy-softy on us all and has now started dating a girl for whom he “doesn’t mind how many dates it’s going to take.” To be honest, it fits in with what he’s doing right now and I can’t blame him for not wanting to continue to buy London Daygame lottery tickets like the rest of us.

I’m just hoping that soon we can all turn a corner and breathe a little more life back into our Daygame. I notice that each year I tend to start well, but then stall around July and August. I think it’s because I’m full of energy at the start of the year and that translates to a good vibe. My body probably isn’t so used to Daygame, either, due to time off in winter, and so I am excited to get into the sets and get stuff going. Let’s see what happens over the next month.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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One thought on “So, What’s Going on in London Then?

  1. My last new lay was mid-June.

    London has indeed been slow. Or maybe we’ve just become shit. Time to retire from daygame & get a real life, Crown – I’m going back to it again now. Leave this nonsense to the YouTubers and hyperactive daygame kids.

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