Daygame in London: Field Report

I’ve never done one of these before so thought I would give it a shot and do a rundown of a recent session. This should give you some insight into how I go about my sessions, and a little taste of Daygame in London. Mind you, some things here you may consider me overthinking it; some people are better off telling themselves “let’s just go talk to girls.” It depends on your approach.


Before the session has even started I will be getting a few things in place. I don’t like to eat a big meal before Daygaming because I don’t want to walk around with a bloated stomach. However, I will eat a snack before heading out because I don’t want the flipside: to lose energy. Even if you don’t feel hungry you may lose a little bit of spark because you’re lacking energy in the moment. So I’ll eat something small before I head out such as some fruit or a protein bar, in this case it was the latter.

I’m also conscious of taking in too much caffeine before a session, because I don’t want to be jittery and to have those over-caffeinated maniac eyes. In reality that means drinking my last coffee about an hour before the session starts. It was a weeknight as well, and so I wouldn’t want to interrupt my sleep.

Lastly, I get my boots and accessories on so that once I log off at work, I’m straight out the door.

Before The First Set

Since I live about 25 minutes walk from the Daygame area I’ll head in that way and put on a podcast. Now that the football season is starting up again I like to listen to a few podcasts I have on that. I also like to listen to Ben Shapiro’s daily podcast but don’t like to combine that with my Daygame because of any impact it might have on my vibe. It’s similar to what I said earlier about feeling hunger: I can’t say for sure that it impacts me but I just don’t take the risk; there’s tonnes more time in the day to listen to something political.

As I walk towards central London I’ll also think about which area I want to head towards and what kind of session I want to have. In terms of area, I went towards Covent Garden because I want to avoid Oxford Street for a bit, and only go there later on. In terms of the kind of session: I’m feeling lower energy at the moment and so gave myself a target of 0-5 sets. The target doesn’t mean a huge deal, but it signifies that I’m happy to just walk along and see what opportunities come my way. I’m not telling myself I have to do any sets at all.

In contrast if I am trying to get more sets in I might give myself a target of 2-5 sets, or if it’s going to be a big day, 5-10 sets. The lower limit of the range is what drives me into some sets where I’m getting less signal. I tell myself “I better get some sets done so I can hit my target.”


I’d been walking for more than an hour when I did my first set in Leicester Square. Note I didn’t feel any AA during this session: I’m at a point now where I’m happy to walk along and wait for something to come my way. Throughout the whole session I saw a lot of potential sets – girls who weren’t hot enough but did give me a glance and girls who were attractive but just had no vibe – but nothing that really said “approach me.”

I took a chance on my first set in that she had big sunglasses on; who knew what she was hiding underneath. However, there was something different about her walk which told me she was either horny, or trying to advertise something, and her outfit was attention-grabbing. Not in a neon rainbow coloured way; just that it used a bold blue colour. That was the signal I needed and so I decided to flip the stone. She stopped. The glasses came off. Older than what I’m after. I ejected as soon and politely as I could.

Next was a girl with rocker fashion near Piccadilly Circus. She was broadcasting “rebellious” so again I decided to flip the stone. Boyfriend. I moved on.

I continued past Whole Foods and now I got the kind of signal I was really after. There was a girl coming towards me and I gave her the laser eye contact – trying to get the IOI – which she returned just as we came past each other. I ran back up the street and opened her: Japanese and a model (according to her). However, the set was stilted, and she wasn’t giving much to the conversation. It’s not that you need to have a great conversation for her to be highly interested, but I would expect an interested girl to just want to stay in the set for longer. I took her number after a short conversation and wasn’t surprised that she flaked.

One additional thing that made me think she would flake was that when I did the number check text (sending your name at the end of the set to ensure you’ve got the right details) she left before checking my message came through. If a girl is interested in seeing you again – even if that interest is only in that moment – she will normally get her phone out to check that it worked.

Then I met up with Kaiser and my energy dropped off. I started enjoying the chat more than thinking about approaching. Again, I was getting some looks – maybe some IOIs – but from girls who I didn’t consider hot enough to approach.

I ended up doing one more set later on where there was a hint of an IOI: we held eye contact as we passed each other, but I couldn’t sense the fire in her eyes which would have told me that there was a lot of interest there. I guess it was more an indicator of intrigued, rather than interest. I flipped the stone but she excused herself quickly.

I walked with Kaiser back to his and then I went to the other end of Oxford Street and called it a day.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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