Approaching Plain Janes and English Girls

I had two Skype calls this week where there was a lot of crossover on the topic of approaching plain Janes and English girls. I thought that the points we discussed would make a good idea for a post. I’ve lumped these two categories of girls together because if you are approaching in England, then you will see a lot of English girls (duhh). And you’ll find plain Janes in any country, but naturally more plain Janes in English cities will be English by sheer probability (double duhh).

That leads onto my first point: when approaching these girls you should appreciate that they are lower probability. Girls tend to dress themselves up more – draw attention to themselves – and so when you see a plain Jane who is giving you no signal to approach, other than a pretty face and low BMI, then she’s indicating that she’s probably not up for adventure. When it comes to English girls, you should appreciate that you are in the place where they’re from and so they’re not pre-selected as being adventurous (a foreign girl is showing that she at least has a bit of an adventurous side given she left her home). All in all, the probabilities are lower from the off, and that a lot of the sets you do with these kinds of girls is just stone-flipping.

Don’t be discouraged, though, because some of them will simply like you for you, and some will turn out to be really into you even if they gave you no signal to approach. Maybe they just aren’t the kind of girl who gives out many IOIs. Or maybe they just aren’t the adventurous type, normally, and you can awaken something in them.

We have to answer an important question: why do you want to approach these girls in the first place if they’re not exciting you? (Just as a disclaimer I’m not saying that English girls are ugly, it’s more that if you’re in England then you’re going to see the average girl in her own city rather than one who has gone on her own adventure and so you’ll see a lot of English girls who are “merely attractive”). You might want to approach these girls because you want to play more of the numbers game and have spare energy i.e. you’re already approaching those girls who give you enough signal, but you have the time and energy to flip some stones too. Or perhaps you’re more of an extrovert and you do this set as a warm-up, knowing that you’re building towards the set you really want to do later on. Maybe it’s because you want to reduce your AA (“first one’s the worst one,” etc.).

It goes without saying that with these girls, you’ve got to be employing solid Game. Don’t do anything wacky and make sure you do a confident stop. Make strong but not too intense eye contact. Stand up straight. Don’t hide your body with your arms. Etcetera, etcetera. You should also have your teases and stacks ready. This is a chance to put in practice your homework of knowing the five most common styles in your area and having a tease ready for them. I’m not saying here that routines and canned lines are better than in-the-moment creativity but in this example we’re talking about uninspiring girls.

Remember, we’re opening these girls not as much for the girls themselves but for the down-the-line benefits; they’re lower probability sets and so we should simply put our best foot forward and see what happens: there’s no pressure. On that note I get asked a lot “what do I do/say if I’m not getting a good reaction from the girl?” You can’t turn a “no” into a “yes,” so take this as a good opportunity to learn that most girls aren’t into you and there’s nothing you can do about it. Better to simply let it be water off a duck’s back.

Now when we talked about English girls in particular, I made a few specific recommendations. The English SMP is more r-selected and optimised for a girl’s hypergamy than in Eastern Europe, so you should remember that most girls already have decent access to high value guys (relative to their own SMV). They can find guys at bars, nightclubs and on the multiple apps they’ve got accounts with, not to mention whoever is kicking around their social circle and workplace, so it’s very very important to make a strong and lasting impact upon your approach. Put simply, you’ve got much stiffer competition and you need to grab her attention (remember AIDA: attention, interest, decision, action). That means get your looks sorted: have a strong archetype, be lean and work out. Ensure that you have good fashion and a cool hairstyle. Don’t be just another chump who’s hitting on her. Looks are hugely important everywhere but they seem to be even more important in the West. When it comes to muscle, I’d also say that more girls in the West prefer leanness over size, and so given the choice between lean or fat but muscular, I’d choose the former.

With English girls, I’d also smirk more and be more “charming” than with EE girls. EE countries seem to value the masculine “brute” more and so the intense eye contact works a lot better there. But in the West girls have more money and don’t (metaphorically) need protection against the dark dangerous world. English girls might also find this intimidating and so might easily eject from the set. That means injecting a bit more warmth into your charisma, rather than power.

During the set, be ready to do more of the work at the beginning. Typically EE girls will giggle at what you say and thank you for your compliment, which makes you think it’s going well. Now just because an English girl doesn’t do the same thing, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you. It may just be that she doesn’t know what to do in the situation. I remember Tom Torero saying something like “in London, you have to be ready to do battle,” and I agree with that statement: just stay calm, remind yourself you’re putting in good work and see what comes out the other side.

One of the students had come across a Steve Jabba article on approaching English girls and he made a good point (which I agreed with): that English girls like to banter. And so if this is your issue, you know to work on it. I would say, though, that that doesn’t mean to use a lot of verbal escalation. In fact, I’ve found English girls consider this to be try-hard and it’s possible that it will raise their ASD. And so when moving into dates with these girls, stick to physical escalation and act with assumed attraction. I think that from the second date onwards, you can also assume the lay.

Lastly, I would advise you to work on understanding your niche. That would mean that these girls fall out of the plain Jane category, and instead are sending you a signal, whether that’s because of their fashion, genetics, height, style, type, etc.

Hope that helps.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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5 thoughts on “Approaching Plain Janes and English Girls

  1. This is spot on and i dare say it does make it sound challenging which it probably is. English girls can be very attractive contrary to what people say about them, especially in and around London where there are more girls from a middle and upper class background who tend to have less course features and better figures than working class Brit girls. I think one needs to strike a finer balance with English girls which means it can be much harder as you can easily put her off if you come across as too nice or nasty, badboy game i think works better with girls of other nationalities, here only working class girls may fall for it at all.


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