Experimenting With Age

Recently I’ve been experimenting with telling girls that I’m a little bit older than I really am. I’m 28, and I’ve been saying I’m 32, and it’s been interesting to see the kind of effects it’s been having.

I would say that I have an uncommon perspective on this issue because I started Gaming when I was young – at 23 – and so I’ve been approaching the optimal age for results rather than moving away from it. What happens for a lot of guys is that they lie to say that they are younger than they are; the common trick being to get the girl to guess how old they are and then at most to add two years to it. For example, you’re 36, you ask the girl to guess your age and she says 30, so you say “that’s close, I’m 32.”

I’ve been judging what age to say based on the situation and how old the girl is. If she’s 25 or older then I’ll say I’m 32. If it’s a SDL/SDDL situation then I’ll also say I’m 32 because I believe it makes her more likely to follow your lead in an uncommon situation. If she’s between 20 and 25 then it’s a grey area and I’ll make my mind up based on where she’s from and her own personality. In the rest of the cases I’ll say my real age. This leads onto the important question: why lie about your age?

With guys who are reducing their age it’s a simple answer: matched-aged dating dictates that the guy should be, at most, a few years older than the girl, and you might have a girl who is up for it but can’t get over the age gap. In my years Daygaming it has been the other way around: in some cases the girl was older than me and didn’t like the fact. In more cases, it was that I didn’t have a sufficient amount of age on her to get the benefits of being older. And that could even happen in cases where things were going well. To cut a long story short: what’s the point in losing lays just because of one number?

I found that, if she was, say, 24, and I was 26, then she would simply count me as being a “guy her age,” and girls always think that guys their age are immature and that older guys (to an extent) have higher value. I’ve seen with my own lying eyes how it impacts each seduction, whether that’s because she attributes more lived experiences to you which lends you more gravitas, or something more Freudian where she’s more likely to follow an “older man.” One distinct advantage I’ve noticed from both being, and saying, I’m older, is that persistence has a higher ROI. Girls just seem to expect you to escalate more, but then won’t blow you out / flake on you if you go for it.

I picked 32 because I figured it would give me a sweet spot with the mid-20s girls, or those who come from a culture where larger age gaps are accepted. There’s also that psychological effect of someone crossing the 30-mark when considering age. Obviously I had to also pick an age that I could actually be, so if you’re in your early 20s then don’t do exactly the same thing because girls won’t believe you when you say it. So far, when I’ve said I’m 32, the girl has either believed me straight away or commented that I’m a tiny bit older than I look.

Lastly, so that I was ready for the age conversation, I made sure to work out which year I would have been born in and also considered how my backstory would have changed. It pays to be ready for this stuff in case you’re asked.

Interested to know the experiences of other guys who started Game young as well.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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2 thoughts on “Experimenting With Age

    1. Thanks. I myself think girls ask as a matter of course, the same as with your job, where you’re from, etc. Sometimes because they’re genuinely interested in the answer and others as a formality


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