Tom Torero (So Long and Goodnight)

Given Tom’s recent passing I’d like to remember him. When I learned the news of his death I was quite shocked. The community has lost one of its greats.

Tom was one of my main influences in starting Daygame and I learned a tonne from him. Attending his Daygame 3.0 seminar in London in February 2017 literally changed my life. That was the first time I met him, with the second being at his “Below the Belt” London launch/talk in 2018. The last time I saw him was this July as he was going into TK Maxx on Long Acre. I turned to my wing and we confirmed it was him – before wondering why he was in London at all – and then decided not to go and say hello so as not to bother him.

If you want to read some better eulogies here are a selection (please add more in the comments if you know more):

If we’re going to learn something from this, then this is what I think it is: suicide doesn’t happen because of some long, drawn-out, and well-thought, plan. It’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back that does it. Tom had always suffered from depression and as he explained it would come in waves. While Tom’s issue may not have been with women, for other guys, it may be.

I personally don’t think that men benefit, like women do, from simply airing their feelings. If a guy shares his problems with a friend then that is only one stage, and another is to solve the problem itself. So when/if Tom’s archive of material becomes available for purchase again then I urge you to buy it. It may help you out of a bad situation and hopefully it means some money will go to Tom’s family. If you want some assurance of the quality of Tom’s work then just check out the 100s of comments on Krauser’s post.

Once a link becomes available to buy Tom’s stuff then I’ll share it on my blog and on Twitter. But please, in the meantime, don’t try to download anything and go against his family’s wishes (we’ve not heard anything yet as to whether they would like his content to continue to be sold and so please be patient and respect their choice).

I want to reiterate: Tom’s family have not confirmed whether they would like his material to be shared and so please do not download or pay for anything just yet.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

5 thoughts on “Tom Torero (So Long and Goodnight)

  1. RIP to the man like Tom. Was a total shock when i heard this on friday morning and still can’t quite believe it. Top bloke will be sorely missed by many

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  2. he was a true great of daygame…i actually met him twice in his early days..before 2013…his online material and books are some of the best !
    genuine decent chap too…
    god bless a legend RIP tom torero

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