Warsaw Coaching Review by Juergen (The “Male 8”)

I recently had the pleasure of coaching Juergen in Warsaw. We first met and had a coffee to discuss coaching and at the end of the conversation Juergen asked me to rate him. I looked him up and down and said “Eight.” “Yes, I agree,” he said back to me, before going on to tell me that his aim was to go for the absolute top tier of girls with a strict age upper limit of 24; he had had enough sevens in his time and now only wanted the best. That set the stage for a great coaching session which we completed later that week. One which he’ll tell you about now.


I am roundabout 4 years and 2 months into consistent daygaming, without pauses. After half of my daygame time I stopped counting my notches, but to calm inquisitive daygamers, it’s over at least 70 lays.

The reason for taking coaching with Thomas is that my aim is to be one of the best in this field and for top tier girls (8+). I felt that, besides my motion of going through my daily routines and monthly minimal diet of fresh meat, I want to squeeze the best out of me. In other words, not any more a huge quantity of girls (20 or more a year) of my SMV or above, but only the absolute top tier girls, supplied in industrial quantities (10 a year).

I felt that 60% of my time when approaching, I step into advanced territory, the other 40% in upper intermediate –in other words there was something missing – linking the last puzzle pieces together. So, I wanted an expert to run over my game, diagnosing me to point out my flaws and mistakes. I have to mention that I frequently got coached by different OGs of daygame, helping me to get good.

My hope was that Thomas could help me in becoming very good, especially in becoming socially very kind, paired with crackling sexual energy during set, something he is very well known for. Having read Thomas’s material and spoken to other daygamers, it was obvious that he has a knowledge of game that is at a different level to most of the PUA instructors out there.

Very likely a beginner or intermediate does not need much more than an introduction into London Model, and being dragged into sets; but, for a consistent daygamer, bedding more then 1 girl every month, it will automatically force himself to dig deep into the real mechanics behind the whole construct, thinking over a magnitude of possibilities in sets and on dates.

Early in the process Thomas and I winged, and after simply seeing him approaching, the social kindness in set, paired with ‘excitement mode spikes,’ it was obvious to me that his game is on another level. During the coaching he listened to a couple of my sets – and he rapidly spotted a number of flaws. Feedback was brutally honest, but direct and respectful. If you are looking for a coach, kissing your ass, telling you that you are doing great – do not hire Thomas.

The main points we went through are:

  • All pieces are there, I simply need to do less
  • Be present in the set, enjoy the set
  • Make the girl fall in love
  • Different ways on how to trigger excitement mode
  • Vibing
  • Suggestions for various openers

I am very glad I did coaching with Thomas. His knowledge in daygame is definitely on another level. His profound understanding about social dynamics and interactions are teached in small

and digestible chunks. What also has to be mentioned: he was very generous with his time. It’s logical to not expect more than contractually agreed. I finally asked him several times to stop coaching, as I was out of energy!


If you’re interested in coaching then please check out my offering on my coaching page. I’ll be in Warsaw again 16th – 20th November where I have space for another student (only 1:1 coaching though, no bootcamps!).

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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