Another Warsaw Coaching Review

Last month I coached a guy called Ben in Warsaw. We had been speaking over Skype for a while and so progressing to some infield coaching, once our schedules aligned, seemed natural, and it was a pleasure to coach him. He was a humble, hardworking and genuine guy who wanted to grow. In fact, maybe he was too much of those things – too nice – but it’s something we worked on and he went home with a list full of points to work on.

Let’s hear his review:


I recently had the pleasure of being coached by Tom. We’ve been talking via Skype/Zoom for a while now and I finally managed to get some time off work and go to Warsaw.

I decided to be coached because I felt that I was stuck and made very slow progress. There was something that I was doing wrong or that I was missing. And my hope was that Tom could help me to identify what it was. He did identify quite a few things that I can now work on.

This was the first time someone with experience in both daygame and coaching was looking at my game. As a beginner there were a lot of things that Tom suggested I should change. Some of these were easy to accept and do, like the stopping. But others will take more time and much more hard work. And this is exactly what I wanted. We did talk about a broad range of things. Opening, pre-approach, teasing, mindsets, texting etc. I remember after one session I was just really tired. Not from the walking around, that I’m used to. But it was a lot of information to take in. The advice he gave me is very practical and with the extensive notes he made I now have an actual plan that I can work on. And that is something I really like.

Tom is very easy to talk to and time was just flying by. I was surprised by his positive and optimistic attitude. It’s not what I’m used to from most daygamers. He kept the sessions light and fun. As daygame should be. As others have mentioned, Tom has excellent customer service. You also get the notes he makes afterwords. I had a lot of fun and it definitely worth it. I would and probably will do it again.


Thanks for that Ben!

If you’re interested in coaching then click the link at the top of the page. I’m available at short notice in London and we can organise coaching in the rest of the UK and around Europe given enough time in advance.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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