Coaching Review by Bart

I’ve been working with Bart for a while now and he kindly wrote up a quick review for the coaching I did for him. I talk with Bart every couple of weeks, whether that’s on the phone or in person as infield coaching and in my opinion this is the best kind of coaching someone can do.

Bootcamps or one-off sessions are great if you only need a kick up the arse to get started but if you really want to improve then this is how to do it. It allows us to track your progress over a longer period of time and we can go into much more detail on your sticking points; I’ll usually dedicate each session to focusing on one specific topic just as I would advise beginners to do if they were learning themselves. And let’s face it, it normally takes more than one time for someone to hear something before they fully take it onboard. But perhaps the best point of this style of coaching is that we can develop a great working relationship and get to know each other better. This helps us to get into a good vibe, do more sets and generally be more efficient and effective during our sessions.

If you’re interested in coaching then send me a message using the tab in the menu above. Otherwise thanks again to Bart!


I’m in my late 30s and have been aware of the seduction community for around 15 years; learning that stuff back in the day took me from being a total beta to having decent experiences with women but never in a consistent fashion and never doing day game (always seemed way too out of my comfort zone). After being inactive in this part of my life, mostly due to a long term relationship, I started dabbling in online game for a while which I found horribly depressing (lack of control, extreme inefficiency, mind numbing activity of swiping on apps for hours on end, etc.). I don’t drink and don’t really go out so it became clear to me that day game is the only way forward and I decided that I will have to do something about it.

I googled something along the lines of “day game spots in London” and came across a blog on Tom’s website where I believe he interviewed someone about differences in day game in London vs. NY. I started reading his material and found it surprisingly accessible and level-headed; it was obvious to me that this was an individual with a reasonable and intelligent approach to game (this is not a given in this community/industry). One of the most impactful pieces of his material was his beginner’s guide detailing the “apprenticeship period” of the first 1000 sets and the first 200 sets in which you’d not put any additional demands on yourself other than just approach. This felt like a very accessible way of getting started in something that felt quite a bit uncomfortable in the first place and after coming across his support package of weekly phone calls I decided to commit to getting help in sorting this area of my life out and got in touch with him.

The first weeks went by with us having a weekly call discussing goals for the upcoming week, how many sessions I’d commit to doing, what I’d focus on (such as just do hit and run compliments, just try to work on stops, etc.) and then reviewing how the sessions and the individual sets went. The first few weeks already had me make more progress than the previous decade of my life so I was happy with how things were going, but around the late summer a few things in my life got in the way and I slacked off from doing my sessions and lost momentum. After a while of this Tom suggested that we meet up in real life and do an infield session (which I am very thankful for as I probably wouldn’t have gotten it back together again on my own). Since then we’ve met up a bunch of times for a 2h infield session and this proved to be much faster in terms of progress on certain sticking points (for example learned to do effective front stops quite quickly with Tom demonstrating this in real life). Using a microphone during the sessions means me getting instant feedback and we can discuss the sets immediately, which means I don’t have to be taking detailed notes on everything. Tom always supplies a summary of each coaching session with key learnings and things to work on when going out next time. At the moment I am committed to keeping these regular infield sessions going while going out on my own in between and working on the points we’ve discussed.

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  1. What a pleasure to read this article. Keep on going. Keep it up. Go out every day, dont stop. I hope the best for you and that you get very very good at DG.

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