Game Holiday So Far

I’m halfway through my two weeks off for a mini Daygame holiday (see this post for the background) and here are my results so far:


6 sessions

64 sets

15 phone numbers (9 replies)

2 Facebook adds (2 replies)


My usual approach to number close ratio is around three approaches to one number (I don’t pay much attention to the social media closes), so slightly worse than the long term average but fine nonetheless. My issue is that none of these have translated into strong leads as they’ve all been incredibly flaky. The strongest I’ve got is a little back and forth with one girl who rejected the initial date request but offered no alternative.

I think that my technique has been good, and as the week has progressed I’ve troubleshooted my problems leading to further improvements. I’ve been getting my intent out there explicitly through direct opens and have been using sexual spikes. The texting has been fine as well (non-needy and non-boring). The key tool I’m missing is the sexual hunger; something is missing from my eyes. Maybe it’s too much porn… My vibe was also made a little toxic by #37 which might have had a hangover effect but I’m seeing a regular on Monday who I hope will reset some of that.

I’ve been getting a lot of boyfriend objections, which makes sense as girls like to hang onto their winter boyfriends for warmth. As always, I try and push through but due to the lack of sexual fire we can’t subconsciously agree to a secret society context. I’m guessing that as you become more advanced, this side of winter Daygame becomes less of an issue. In evolution terms I’d also guess that it was riskier for girls to be caught engaging in infidelity over the winter months hence their reticence.

Observations and action points for the second week:

  • It’s really cold out there obviously, so don’t skimp on the thermals and gloves, but don’t transfer over to anything less r-selected. I’m still trying to be the seller of adventure sex.
  • During the day you’re more likely to see models and students who are walking between locations and want to skip the after-work rushes. Keep going out in the 11am-4pm rough time slot.
  • Black Friday is restrictively busy which rules out Oxford Street, but the rest of London is just as quiet in working hours as any other day.
  • Due to the lesser amount of people walking around, expect your first five sets in 1.5 to 2 hours and then take a break for lunch (unless you’re on a roll) and do a technique check-up.
  • Since the non-shopping areas of London are quiet, and you don’t want to be walking around for ages having not done any sets, start on Oxford Street and move away once you’ve got some under your belt.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

10 thoughts on “Game Holiday So Far

  1. Hi
    You have a nice blog. Have you ever done Daygame in big consevative cities like Yerevan,Istanbul,Baku,Beirit,Ankara,Yerevan,Tbilisi,…? Can you give some tips to get laid in these kind of places?


    1. Thanks John. I haven’t and don’t target Muslim girls in London so take this with a pinch of salt and feel free to completely disregard my advice and call me retard: don’t use aggressive front stops (security guard white knighting), try indirect-direct/plausible deniability direct i.e. open with a teasing observation rather than “phwoar!”, try watching porn before you go out to Daygame so the memory is still in your eyes. Although I imagine you’ve heard that before. Something you might not have considered is that the bar you have to reach is much lower; the girls won’t be used to it and you’ll stand out from every other guy. Furthermore, wiring is wiring, only the culture is different.


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