Mr Z Coaching Review

Not sure if it’s Mr Zee or Mr Zed but…

Mr Z recently got his first Daygame lay. He’s a cool guy who I first met for a coffee in Warsaw last year and we’ve been working together for about six months now. Since he hit that big milestone I asked him to write a review of the coaching and here it is. Thanks to Mr Z!


In short, I would highly recommend Tom for coaching. He is a clear communicator, thoughtful, and has certainly changed my dating life for the better.

Tom was my introduction to daygame. I stumbled on his blog at some point last summer and his blog was my regular reading when I was taking a coffee break from work. He did not strike me as someone who peddled their “full-proof, 100% success” daygame strategy. Instead, as I read his blog, he struck me as someone who was always experimenting to see what strategies worked well to have a better dating life. In other words, he seemed curious, not preachy. Having read some of Tom’s posts, I was determined to implement the London Daygame Model that he and other daygame writers had written during my upcoming vacation. As I was sitting on a plane headed for South America having read a decent amount of Tom’s material, I gleefully thought to myself “I know everything about daygame. I will be going on 10 dates a week before I know it.” However, even though I thought I had all the information about how to do a stop and build attraction, whenever I moved to cold approach a girl to flirt with her, my legs would either freeze or, at best, I would mumble some half-hearted question that signaled zero romantic interest. As I was about to move to London, it seemed a shame to not reach out to Tom for coaching.

I am very glad that I did. Over the past few months in doing coaching with Tom, I have changed from someone who couldn’t do cold approach at all, to someone who is decently comfortable with now approaching most women without there being prior context (e.g. a party, a bar). Am I now an unstoppable Lothario? No (well, not yet 😊). However, I am certainly much happier where I am with women than I was before I started coaching with Tom. For instance, last week, I approached this gorgeous Italian girl. I remember standing there, seeing a spark in her eyes, taking her number, and thinking to myself that this can’t be happening to me. I am seeing her for a date this week and I would be ecstatic if she became my girlfriend.

Tom will not magic away your approach anxiety, your other problems, and immediately give you a better dating life. However, he will give you a number of tools to make progress on the problems you face in dating. He has given me technical advice on daygame (e.g. how to do a better stop) and also more conceptual pointers on how to manage dates. He has helped me out with my fashion style and helped me reflect on how to change my speaking tone. Most importantly, with all of these issues, he has not relented until he has seen that I have fixed the issues that can be fixed. And on the human side, Tom also just has a charming sense of humor and I would definitely hang out with him even outside of a coaching context. So if you’re hoping improve your dating life, reach out to Tom for coaching. I doubt you’ll regret it.


If you’re interested in coaching then follow the link below to find out more


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