Levels of Game (And A Football Analogy)

There are tons of ways to describe the levels of Game. I’ve recently been reading Steve Jabba’s book Primal Seduction (and will be posting a review of it soon once I finish my second read-through) and he sees the levels as: the what do I say and do level; the frame-imposition level; the identity based … Continue reading Levels of Game (And A Football Analogy)

The Player’s Handbook (Rollo Tomassi) – Review/Summary

I recently finished reading Rollo's most recent book - The Player's Handbook - and I'm here to give a short review today. But first, I should get what I guess will be the most important thing out of the way (for some people): this is a review of his book, not Rollo himself, and so … Continue reading The Player’s Handbook (Rollo Tomassi) – Review/Summary

Intermediate Problems: Student Case Study

Okay, I had to write this post because the incident itself left me so annoyed. The story comes from a student of mine and I absolutely had to turn this into a post because the learning opportunities were so present and obvious. This is an intermediate, maybe lower intermediate, problem, by the way: not knowing … Continue reading Intermediate Problems: Student Case Study

#89-94: Slags and the Shagger

I’m here with another collection of lay reports: those from the first half of 2022. The theme of these lays is pre-selection. Throughout the period I was asking girls questions along the lines of “when did you know you’d sleep with me,” “when did you know I would go for it” and “why did you … Continue reading #89-94: Slags and the Shagger