Daygame Dopamine

One way to master your emotions is by calling them out, and, just like AA meetings, admitting you have a problem is the first step. As humans, we can’t stop ourselves from experiencing certain emotions, but at a physical level all they are is the touching of chemicals and receptors within your body. Trying to stifle them won’t help; ignoring will help over time, as you reprogram yourself to react to them in different ways. In the meantime, you need to know what you’re already experiencing to build a psychological chasm between yourself and them (I believe this is what CBT entails).

The recommended reading for this post is Loretta Breuning’s Habits of a Happy Brain, which goes over each of the “happy hormones” in your body, what they are, and what stimulates them. These are:





I’ll go through each one in turn, and you can already find out about oxytocin here. Together with each of these hormones you need to consider cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone which agitates you into action so that you escape the original, displeasurable sensation.

Today’s subject is dopamine.

Dopamine is the hormone you release when you find something that you’re searching for. For our progenitors, that might mean the rush of pleasure from finding a new source of food for their tribe. For Daygamers, it can mean a great many number of things, which I’ll get into below.

The problem, as with all of these “happy hormones”, is that once you’ve found that thing once, finding something similar won’t give you the same buzz. In fact, over time, finding an equivalent new source of food, for example, will mean less and less to you. In order just to maintain the same feeling of pleasure, you have to make continually bigger and better finds. You’re always chasing the first high.

So where does dopamine present itself in Daygame?

Right off the bat, you might think that Daygame, or just Game in general, will be the solution to your lady woes. Then once you start talking to some real life women, your beliefs begin to be confirmed. Hey presto! You feel a rush of dopamine. As time progresses, just talking to girls doesn’t give the same hit, but as you collect numbers, go on dates, and get some lays, your belief that Game has solved your problem is slowly confirmed. Hence a dopamine hit from finding the solution to your problems.

On a micro level, each session is full of little dopamine hits as you stumble across hot girls or ones which are exactly your type. In every set, reaching hook point will cause a little dopamine release because you were searching for it.

Whenever you think you’ve found pussy paradise, you’re over the moon because of dopamine.

The next time you stumble across a great date venue which supplants one from your original date plan, you experience dopamine.

You buy a new piece of clothing and get some good initial results; you’ve found the perfect r-selected t-shirt: dopamine.

There are a huge amount of triggers, so many that I can’t be bothered to try and list them all here, but literally stop and think whenever you feel happy and it’s because you found something you were looking for. Dopamine is at work.

The sneakiest one I can think of is when you read a new Daygame instructional piece or watch some sort of infield or instructional video. You go out on the street thinking that this is going to be the breakthrough tech that you required to get you to the next level. Yes, it will help you out because a greater variety of tools is often beneficial, but the real entity driving the effectiveness is the dopamine induced happiness and its effect on your vibe.

To ensure I rain on your parade, let’s draw our attention back to the fact that hormones act as ratchets, and that you have to chase progressive highs. Unfortunately, you can only try so many new Daygame areas before you run out, and you reach so many hook points that you care very little.

Cortisol is the hormone in your body, slowly building up, telling you to go out and find more. In the past you’ve responded to that stressor by finding whatever it was, but now those low hanging fruit are exhausted. Unfortunately, to break this pathway of stress -> solve dopamine hit -> more stress -> better find, you have to simply do nothing in order to reprogram yourself. It’s the only way to solve the stress cycle.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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