You’re Always Pushing Something (Motivational Post)

It’s Monday and in true, cheesy fashion, I’ve decided to schedule this motivational post for today. It’s probably coming at the wrong time of year for a lot of Daygamers considering their winter hibernations, but the lessons are easily carried into the new year. Get ready for me to swing the axe, tell you how to live your life, and establish my own superiority.

It seems to be in vogue to complain about quality or conditions, to leave the house and come back having done less than five sets. This is followed by a diatribe against the state of modern day women, feminism, genetics, etc. This is a waste of time. Not only that, but it provides negative cohesion such that Daygamers fall into this trap without building their own opinions first.

As an intermediate, I don’t think we’re at the point where cherry picking our sets is our best long term choice. An advanced Daygamer is more entitled to do that because he can rely on his muscle memory to carry himself. He’s more relaxed and can enjoy the process a lot more… the “Joy of Daygame” if you will (now where have I heard that before…). An intermediate is still precision engineering his Game, intricately dissecting every conceivable stage of the seduction.

I’ve recently been thinking about the progression from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced, as akin to someone zooming in with a microscope, picking out the smallest details, before zooming back out again and seeing everything macro. The beginner needs easy to follow advice which roughly explains the bigger picture, the intermediate progressively sees everything in greater detail, and the advanced player puts that detail on auto-pilot and boils everything down to only the essentials.

As an intermediate you’re “always pushing something”. There’s going to be a gap in your skillset which you can improve upon such that returning from your session having done one or two sets is a waste of time. You might as well have lowered your standards, or approached girls who you normally wouldn’t have (Asians, black girls, MILFs, etc.). Even if you can’t be bothered to pursue the interaction all the way to the lay, you’re still building reference experiences, and you might have a handful of leads which you can try new things out on. You might even just flip the stone and find a Yes girl.

There’s also process oriented goals. If you’re going to go out and do less than five sets in your session, then why not try out something new? Tell yourself for all of those sets you’re going to use a particular stack, and see how it lands. Or you’re going to push for i-dates and SDLs with each set.

Obviously I’m tooting my own horn here, but I always go out and do 8-10 sets. If I feel like I’ve sprayed on pussy repellent then I’ll take a 15-20 minute break and have a coffee, check up on my technique, and go back out with the aim of perfecting those areas of my Game where I was failing.

Part of this stems from a desire for purpose. If I want to go for a nice walk or to explore a city, I’ll do just that. I don’t want to go out for a Daygame session and then change the goalposts, settling for second best.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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