February Ruminations

Daygame (and stats)

60 approaches, 17 numbers, 2 dates, 1 lay.

I was on holiday for five days mid-month and had a girl come and stay with me for a weekend; it affected my results. Not only through the obvious – that I wasn’t in London – but also the fact that I was approaching with impatience. I was approaching and thinking to myself I’ll have to get these girls out quickly because otherwise they could easily fall off the hook. I think it showed somehow in my micro-expressions, and more explicitly in my texting. Now I have a measure of understanding for guys who don’t have good logistics.

1 in 60 is still very good though and I’m on track so far for my approach to lay and total lay targets for 2018.

I’m excited for March as well. Once this snow clears there’s some nice open space to venture into. I’m eager to re-build momentum.


From a Daygame perspective, I finished reading Infinite and posted my thoughts. I thought what the heck, fished out my copy of Mastery again, and decided to re-read it. I’ve read it cover to cover once before, last year upon buying it, and I’m interested to see what catches my eye this time. With another year’s worth of experience, I’m sure I’ll appreciate it even more.

I’ve just finished reading Meditations, and I was honestly underwhelmed. It is held in such high regard that I expected to feel the weight of the words as I read it. I wasn’t. I appreciated what he was saying but in some parts I was just gliding through the words; they weren’t drawing my attention. Mostly I just wanted to finish reading it. In comparison, I thought that the Tao te Ching more enjoyable and struck a chord with me; in particular, its humour tickled me.


I listened to all of Roosh V’s Kingmaker podcasts (concern trolls form a line) and quite liked them. I agree with him on some things, and disagree on others; always taking what he says with a pinch of salt. It’s an American viewpoint on America, after all.

There are a wide range of topics, from girls of different countries to making money online to political issues to good ol’ fashioned Game.

In some cases it is genuinely funny. I had to stifle my laughter at work when he says (mocking a woman) “and when I go home I’m going to fire up Tinder and change my gender to amorphous blob. And if you don’t like that you’re a sexist”.

Another thing that I liked is that he’s stopped making them. I enjoyed them, but I also liked the fact that I could listen to all of them (there are 19 in total) and then delete them. It was like closing the last page of a book. Each day before work I would download one and then listen to it while I sat at my desk.

Now I’ve moved on to the Jordan Peterson podcast, but have only listened to one so far.

Winter is More K

During winter my rejections were heavily skewed towards the “I have a boyfriend” side of things, rather than the polite “no thank you” or the implicit “I shouldn’t”. I think that at this time of year girls value security with greater importance than adventure. The flip side to this is that my regular has become more attached, and I to her. I think it’s a two-way street.

A Growing Sense of Importance, Part 2

Last month I mentioned how people were noticing me from my name and complimenting me. This month there were some more stirrings coming from Krauser’s corner, where I interpreted his words in this post as a nod to a group of which I was a part. He also linked to this blog for my Infinite review and commented that the blog itself is “pretty good”. I understand how chody I am coming across right now by the way.

It made me think: yes, this is it, my chance to step into the limelight and become a leader in something. It’s something I’ve always wanted. But it also means coming up with new stuff, which is scary.

It’s also activated my imposter syndrome. This year, I’ve been meeting more and more advanced Daygamers and I’ve been in awe at their ability. I’m concerned about how I’ll feel if someone asks for advice and I know that there are people out there who could a) answer their question better, or b) simply are much better at Daygame.


What’s to come in March?

  • At least one date report which I need to write up; I held off on writing it in the hope that it would become a lay report, but that looks very, very unlikely now
  • More news on my 2016-17 memoir which will soon be ready

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

5 thoughts on “February Ruminations

  1. I wrote one of the first drafts. Our stories will be very different. I would have offered to exchange first drafts, but you already have enough reviewers. And I already know what to improve on.

    I wonder who this third guy is?


      1. ‘I put my right foot forward as if I was about to unsheath a knife from my shoe like they did in the old James Bond movies. That was the move of which Hugh Jass inspired, the coining of the move now known as the Torero Toe. I took my juicy water bottle and slapped her about with it. And then we had sex!’

        LMFAO FFS.

        Good on him though. I am slightly interested in reading his book.

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