Scottish Ruminations

This weekend I was away visiting a girl who I fucked last summer named Ganna. She’s Ukrainian but is studying in Glasgow, and while I was there I contemplated a couple of things.

Firstly, as I was walking through duty free to get to my gate, I noticed something interesting which I’ve never seen written about before: I had emotional reactions when I saw the advertising for the various perfumes and alcohols. I think it was because I can now imagine myself fucking the girls who are promoting the products. My brain processes the image and and returns the feelings I had when I talked to similar looking girls in my past. Maybe I’ll see one poster and think what a bitch. I’ll see another and think drat! The one that got away! If I’m lucky, I’ll see one and think, go me!

Something like this happens now when I walk down the street. There seems to be an added distinction to the girls I see. Previously, I just ranked them internally on a hot-or-not scale, but now I’m seeing a world of opportunity. This is especially the case when I’m not in Daygame mode: maybe I’m walking to work or to the supermarket. I see certain girls and think to myself, if I approached her then I could fuck her. The girls actually seem hotter because I think I have a shot with them.

The next thing I thought about, and I don’t think I’d be a self-respecting Daygamer if I didn’t, is “is Daygame viable in Glasgow?” Without having actually done any there, you must of course take this analysis with a pinch of salt.

First I asked myself “are the girls hot?” From what I could see there was a lot of volatility. I agreed with Ganna that there were a certain subset of girls who were very good looking, but a majority of them looked like absolute trollops. The good looking ones were quite tall and their dark hair and eyebrows gave them striking features, and made me wonder if there was a Mediterranean streak which had snuck in there and mixed with the highlanders hundreds of years previously.

My issue with these girls, then, is that I suspect they would mostly have boyfriends. I talked to V about how I didn’t think many would cheat either, and after a discussion he made some good points:

  • The SMP in that area probably already allows a girl to attain her hypergamous ideal
  • Her boyfriend is probably already quite r who gives her tingles
  • Why would she then cheat on her r boyfriend with you, another r prospect?

This is assuming you’re targeting girls in their party years.

So overall, there would be some girls there to aim at, but you’re already looking for the tiny subset of girls who are at or above your attraction threshold and who are available.

Then I asked, “what about the city itself?” There’s a long, main shopping street which I could see people hitting, as well as a large park where you could do two sets with a wing. There are a few universities as well. Wikipedia gives its population as 600k (too low), but 1.8mm within metro distance (better). I think there’s a lot of potential for Gutter Game there as well when you take all of the pubs, clubs and bars into account. In addition, Edinburgh is 50 minutes away by train and could also be hit up. It also has a much larger inflow of tourists and streets where people congregate. There’s the Fringe Festival as well, which you can take advantage of.

But here’s the thing: I don’t think anyone is going to go on a “scotch-jaunt”, at least not this type of scotch… Flights to equidistant and much preferred locations are better value for money. So the question then should be “can you learn Daygame here”. I think so. You’ll probably become much more versatile, learning to open in different ways and different settings, and will have to overcome the problem of time between sets. Then you’ll have to learn how to keep the lays around in a harem while you chase new ones.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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