10/30: Minimising Yad Stops

This is something I’ve been trying recently, having been inspired by Krauser’s post on hook point and Philander’s mini-series on his residential with him: whenever possible, don’t do the Yad stop. Meaning: if she gives me an IOI before I go into set I’ll yell “excuse me!” as loudly as possible to get her attention. If she’s coming straight towards me and I see her from a distance, I’ll wave my arms and gesture for her to stop. If I see her across the street I’ll come in at a right angle to her while I shout and wave my arms at the same time. Basically, any way to get her attention and arrest her movement.

The only times when I’ll do a regular Yad stop is if she hasn’t seen me yet and is wearing earphones.

There’s something about this which has added a little extra spark of fun to Daygame. It might be because I’m being louder and more forceful in getting her to stop. There’s something more elegant about the Yad stop and I like the belligerent nature of the alternative. I think that initial spark of barbarousness puts you on the front foot. Often when I’m stopping in this way she’s giggling before I’ve even began my open.

The next possible explanation could be because of endorphins. When people start Daygame they’re breaking social norms and causing themselves psychological pain. This causes an endorphin release and therefore a euphoric feeling. Perhaps this is just another way to break social norms which my body isn’t used to yet.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

One thought on “10/30: Minimising Yad Stops

  1. In my humble experience day game is way easier than nightgame. Is there anybody else out there doing cold approaches that feels the same way? Targets tend to be by themselves during the day while at night they hang out in groups. Right?


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