Week in Review (Stats and Reflections)

I wanted to round off this week with my stats and give a little reflection on them. To recap very quickly, I’m going out more and doing more sets with the aim of allowing more randomness back into my life. The stats this week have been: 31 sets and 13 numbers. Now let’s pick those apart a bit more.

The number of sets I’m happy with because I had an aim of 30-35 sets; over two weeks that should be enough volume to get a new lay. The open to number close ratio has been excellent, better than 1 in 3, and they’ve been about half flakey. That’s understandable considering I’ve been pushing more in set. So, for example, if she brings up the boyfriend objection I’ve been looping around, moving to another topic, and then coming back to suggest we swap “WhatsApp details”, to which 90% of the time the girl says yes. In the first half of this year is she’d brought up the objection, and I thought that she genuinely wasn’t going to cheat on her (supposed) boyfriend, then I’d have let her go.

Sidenote: I actually find this internally hilarious. It is so obvious to us, as men, that the end result is the same (exchanging details to organise future logistics), and yet she chirps her agreement and we proceed to the close anyway.

The problems set in when the leads which responded don’t reply again the next day. I think it’s because I’m coming in strongly and overriding objections along the way, but that’s not to say I’m going to change that. All of my body language is very direct: close, head-on and laser eye contact. I’m controlling the conversation by asking her questions, making statements on them, and then moving the conversation forward. At each point I’m also tying her answers back to how she really is in need of adventure and verbally escalating. Once I’ve got confirmation that she’s okay with my physical presence then I’m pushing things physically, starting with lighter touches then moving into full blown manhandling.

Overall the performance is very strong and it’s generating numbers and again, I’m not going to change the Daygame itself. I think I will be pushing for more i-dates/SDLs when I have the time and am not with a wing, but that’s a discussion for another time. It’s a good segue though. This type of Daygame seems to lend itself well to pushing for SDLs and i-dates: it’s very direct and gets you closer to sex very quickly from the moment you meet, especially with the kino escalation. So I’m thinking that the girl is walking off having had her mind completely blasted and then will happily respond later that day because she’s still under my sway. Then, the next day, when the effect has worn off, she gets scared to reply because she knows that coming out on the date will end in sex. I think it affects her own plausible deniability.

To me the stats look like the Daygame experience but put into fast forward. First you don’t get numbers, which was my experience last weekend: 17 sets and only two numbers. Then you get flakey numbers, which is exactly what’s happened to me this past week. If the progression continues as it has done then this coming week I will end up with a tonne of reliable numbers. The week after: pussy paradise.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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