Amplifying Pain Points & Escalation-Laced Stacks (Field Report 31st July)

I was out Daygaming yesterday and it was, in my opinion, the perfect weather for Daygame. I prefer it a little cooler, because of my temperament, and so the ~20 degree heat and cool breeze felt absolutely amazing.

I had some goals for the session:

6-10 sets: this is in keeping with my choice to increase my energy levels as I’ve wrote about previously. We were starting around 7:30pm and so I didn’t want to hold myself to 10 sets and then still be walking around at 10pm.

In the end I did eight sets and got three numbers: a Polish girl with a boyfriend (who was actually messaging her as I went to close) who didn’t respond to the feeler; a Canadian girl who works in advertising (more on this later) who I have a date request pending with; and an English/Persian girl (I can’t remember which kind of sandy she actually said) who was initially very on, but then seemed to slide away from me, creating distance. I think it was because the conversation lost momentum whereas I should have just closed quickly, or gone for the SDL. In truth, I couldn’t be asked to go for it.

Escalation laced stacks: I picked this up from Anthony’s videos and from my rudimentary understanding, defined it as an assumption stack which conveys intent and makes the girls on the fence make a decision (Maybe girls). Some simple examples I used were: “you’ve got a small cute face you must be Russian” and “I like this long hair it’s very Spanish”, which were both very basic just seems to get my point across: because of [sexually suggestive physical feature/shape/movement] I bet that you’re from X].

The whole idea of girls sitting on the fence made me wonder whether it’s just as good calling Maybe girls “undecided” girls. A girl can’t be fucking you as a Maybe girl, she has to be a Yes girl; there has to have been some point where she made The Switch. And so by escalating first verbally and then physically you force her to make a decision. If she wants to remain on the fence then she’ll require good Girl Game.

Sidenote: I’m predicting that in the next few months, there’ll be a wave of people employing heavy kino escalation on the street and in a distinctly uncalibrated way.

Amplifying Pain Points: I’ve been reading Way of the Wolf and one of the things he talks about are pain points i.e. the problems that a prospect has which you’re trying to solve via your product. In our world, the pain point that a girl has will most likely have will be a lack of excitement, hence Adventure Sex. Alternatively, she might be trying to get back at, or over, a boyfriend or maybe she’s trying to stick it to mum and dad, but we don’t know that until we gather intelligence. I was walking in with the assumption that the majority of Daygame lays are with girls who lack excitement in their life, and thinking of the other cases as special situations.

Throughout this session I was trying to amplify girl’s pain points. That’s another thing in the book: a novice salesmen hears the pain point then immediately jumps on the prospect and gleefully explains that his product is going to make all of that go away. The problem then is that the prospect gains an immediate little boost in their state and so they perceive the product as having less benefit to them (because it will solve relatively less pain). Instead, what we have to do is amplify the pain so that when we go for the close it has a greater perceived benefit.

Here are a couple of examples of how I went about doing it:

Polish girl: “I come from a city in Poland called XXXX.” (I can’t remember which one it was)

TC: “Oh, I’ve never heard of that place.”

PG: “It’s a city.”

TC: “Nope, never heard of it. I bet that back in Poland you were so bored and nothing was going on so you were desperate to escape and have something happen.”

In fact with this girl she was giggling all over the place and stepping back and forward. I think that she was very attracted to me but was ultimately unavailable. Something extra I could have done is after learning about the boyfriend, I could have gathered some more intelligence (“how long have you been together?”, “is it serious?”, “is he here or in Poland?”), and then turned that into a pain point.

Canadian girl: “I work in advertising.”

TC: “Advertising?” (Said with a bewildered tone). “That sucks.” (I smile to lessen the impact). “I bet you just work, work, work, and have Clive from accounts yapping in your ear all day.” (The Clive thing came to me on the spot but in hindsight it was a great way to draw her attention to not just her boring life but also the boring men in her life. As I said the last bit I made the crocodile mouth hand gesture near her ear which is also invading her personal space).

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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