As I stand in my kitchen scrubbing period stains off of first, a towel, and second, my duvet cover, I think back to the past week.

Last Friday I was out Daygaming and absolutely beasting it: 15 sets in two hours. Way more than I’d usually do but I had a head full of caffeine and I felt as if I had the strongest frame in London. I just opened anything I liked the look of and knew that my frame would stack the stone flipping in my favour. I ended up with five numbers out of those fifteen: two flaked, one replied but then blocked me the next day, and the other two were leaving that weekend. Unfortunately, I already had plans for the whole day on Saturday (I was K-holing with my regular), and those two had their own plans for the Sunday. I’m certain I would have banged one of those two had I met up with them. Oh well.

With the scrubbing done, I load the drum and turn the dials. First I press “Quick Wash”, but then decide to treat myself, and remove the setting.

Then I thought about Sunday. I went out with V, and rattled off another ten sets. Two number closes this time. One flaked, and the other has a date set for Thursday.

I had a date last night but she was 27 and I reckon she’s looking for a boyfriend. She hasn’t responded to my ping today. It’s odd, actually, because she’s definitely a seven and I really enjoyed our conversation and her sense of humour, for example:

“Do you always do that, to touch girls hands?”
“No, normally I just grab em by the pussy.” (we both laugh)

But I have this mental block in pursuing things further. I want to fuck her, but there would be some fallout. If she was younger than me then I would be happy to keep her as around in an open relationship. I would feel guilty ever seeing her because I knew that it was a dead end for her. Then again, her non-response can take all this out of my control.

With the drum loaded and humming around, I think to myself: I need to deload.

In the past four weeks I’ve done 30 sets, 30 sets, 35 sets, 28 sets. It’s time to put the brakes on and rediscover some AA, then come back swinging next week. I’ve got it all set up:

  • Date Thursday
  • Regular Friday
  • Regular Saturday
  • Regular Sunday

I’ve also got a couple of leads who I’ve been on first dates with so I might try and set up a Sunday midday adventure with them too. There’s football as well. Now I know that could all go tits up but it’s a good chunk of stuff to be doing, whereas whacking out another 30 sets is going to be stone flipping and workmanlike rather than an exciting experience. I still need another six Daygame lays this year to hit the same number I got last year and I’ve got twelve weeks to do it in. It’s a balancing act, I know.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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