What is Game? (or, Nothing Comes For Free)

What is Game? I see it as a verb (to take action which leads to better/more girls) and there is a dichotomy: tactical and strategic.

Tactical Game is what you hear the most of. It’s aping the behaviours of a natural until you build reference experiences and stop faking it and actually make it. In this case a natural is someone who built their own reference experiences when their brain was still able to create neural pathways effectively i.e. when they were young. Their pathways will always be better than the person who learned this many years after their brain roughly closed shop.

It’s tactical Game because the user has a fixed set of resources in the moment and so mimics the behaviour of someone with naturally higher SMV. Mimicry is a classic evolutionary tactic whereby an agent tries to achieve a higher evolutionary outcome that their station deserves, and so women have their own inbuilt radars for these sort of things. They want to weed out the mimickers. This is where the subtitle comes in:

Nothing comes for free.

Or to be more precise: why should she actually have sex with you? Bravo for learning all of the pithy comebacks to her shit tests – a small cost to yourself really – but ask yourself: why should she have sex with you? Therein lies the rub.

Tactical Game can only exist for an individual temporarily. What happens is this: there are a small additional subset of women out there who will sleep with you once you start applying your Tactical Game and they come in two varieties:

1) These are the girls who would have slept with you anyway, just you never knew them. If they notice your poorly applied Game principles then they overlook them and sleep with you in spite of them. In this case, Game in particular is just a tool you’ve used to widen your SMP. Game is market access.

2) These are the girls who are actually fooled by the mimicry. Either your mimicry was excellent and you are a fast learner (unlikely) or their radars are not very good (more likely and hence their genetic stock has less evolutionary value).

Luckily for us we are a social species and part of our existence is reflective i.e. how we conduct ourselves actually leads to objective value. Put simply: being confident leads to real life rewards. The reference experiences you cheat from life by Tactical Game slowly incorporates into your personality to make you more confident. This allows for a virtuous spiral whereby Game is replaced by real SMV.

Take note: this is a scattergun approach and therefore not a good one to try and get a particular girl. The whole point of aping the natural is that occasionally you come across one of the two types of woman described above and you build a reference experience. In fact the best way to get a particular girl to actually just have more SMV than her.

I picked confidence because I think all of us can remember a time, pre-Game, where we felt supremely confident. In that moment did you also find yourself quicker witted and smarter and a great many other positive things? It’s a good proxy for the side of SMV which is comprised of behaviours.

I want to make a big point about this:

Game is a lie we tell ourselves to artificially raise our confidence until our real SMV catches up.

And to round this off, Strategic Game is by definition getting better/more girls when you’re allowed to change the resources available to you. This might mean going to a place where there a greater supply of such girls (hence their perceived value is lower in the marketplace) or embarking on a long term project to lose weight and gain muscle.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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