#60: Things That Go Bump in the Dead of Night (The System by Todd vs The London Daygame Model)

This isn’t a Daygame lay so it isn’t going to get the full treatment but I’ve watching a lot of Todd V’s material recently and so I thought I’d base this report on comparing his model (The System) to the one we already know (the LDM). There are a lot of similarities and in each case I’ll tie what he’s saying back to something the Daygame community already know about.

The main difference between the two models, in my opinion, is that one comes originally from Nightgame and the other from Daygame; to me it’s the difference in how direct they are that splits the two: in the nighttime setting there’s an obvious sexual overtone which does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. This notion carries over to a model when it’s applied in different circumstances; it’s coming from a different mindset. In the daytime you need to make your intent clear through body language and subcommunication and so the LDM made certain allowances for that.

The setting of this lay was an extended bar turned nightclub which is a two minute walk from my flat. I was there to celebrate a friend’s birthday and while talking to everyone I was twice IOId by the same girl, let’s call her Stella: once while we were at the bar and again when we were standing in the smoking area. I actually opened another set in front of her so that probably helped. I opened as she walked past us playing table football.


The System lays out opening in the same manner as the LDM: the aim being to start a conversation. What I do like about Todd’s product is that he gives several types of opener from the most direct and least subtle (direct man to woman complement) to the least direct and most subtle (opinion opener). He also focuses on subtlety (aka social acuity) throughout and urges people who are more advanced to use more subtle methods. That was one of the things I liked the most about The System: the focus on social acuity. This is a world away from peacocking and beasting and better fits the demeanour of the typical Daygamer.

It also highlights another point I like about his material: his focus on completeness. When giving examples of how to do a particular Game technique he shows what a beginner, intermediate and advanced level guy should be doing. It avoids two pitfalls: the first being when the instructor gives beginner advice as if it’s correct at every level; the second being when the instructor gives intermediate and advanced advice which makes the ex-beginner have to relearn the process.

In this case my opener was simple: Stella was wearing a light leopard print skirt and so I simply said, while leaning up against a high table:

“Hey, this skirt it makes me think of,” pregnant pause, “safaris. Is this leopards or cheetahs… One of them can’t change their spots. I can’t remember.”


Rather than stacking and vibing i.e. using an observation or accusation to build a conversation out of nothing, The System has a phase called ‘Premise,’ which I take to mean setting a man/woman frame. That means you’re peppering your conversation with the kind of phrases, words and light touches which make the frame clear.

I think here is where the clear difference between the two models can be found because this is where the intent starts to show. The System works more like this: start a conversation, set a man/woman frame, qualify the girl based on the frame you set (i.e. if it’s a girlfriend you want you’re comparing her to what you’re after, if you want just to fuck her it’s another, etc.), build comfort then close. The underlying premise of The System is “I want to achieve X and I’m going to see if you deserve it.” The System works from a frame in which you have value already and the girl should work for it.

The LDM is about attracting the girl with calibrated intent and demonstrating the value you have. Value is displayed more genuinely compared to through aloofness. It works on the notion that you have to build something out of nothing because it’s in an environment where a girl wouldn’t expect to be hit on brazenly.

I carried out this stage in the same place that I opened Stella. I was still backed up against the high table with her at my side, gave her ~60% eye contact and worked in the little touches and phrases to set the frame correctly as we made ‘get to know you’ conversation. In contrast in Daygame I’d be standing head on with ~90% eye contact.


This is the stage of The System where you have to evaluate the girl against the premise that you set. Mine was a clear case of wanting to fuck her so I gave her a few oblique comments on her body and took her to the smoking area where I kissed her briefly. I would say that this stage isn’t built into the LDM because qualification is seen as a tool to be used throughout; there isn’t this one big thing you’re trying to qualify her on.


This is essentially comfort, but Todd is more specific and says it’s the part where you make her comfortable with the way you met, so that when she tells the story to her friends – something a lot more important in the nighttime – she won’t feel like a slut. It all sounds a bit like grounding but I can get on board with it.

Something to take into account with The System is that it’s American and Americans can’t help but make their stuff purple pill, no matter how the instructor behaves on their own. Making your product purple pill gives it better marketability; naturally most people will be turned off by a guy saying that he’s directly looking just for sex. Narrative doesn’t make much sense if you’re looking for one night stands; all you’re trying to do is build enough comfort so that the girl will come home and fuck you. It’s like ticking a checkbox. But to clarify: this purple edge to The System didn’t make me dislike it. It just meant I switched my attention off every now and again.

I ticked off this checkbox while sitting with Stella in the smoking area. We talked a lot more about our jobs and I pulled her over and sat with my arm around her.


Just like the opener, this is exactly the same as closing in Daygame. In this case, though, it went on a lot longer because we’re talking about the end of the previous phase all the way to sex.

After checking that her friends were okay – it turned out that only one of them was still there so it was easy to ditch her – we grabbed a drink and went to a quieter area where we played the Questions Game. Naturally I escalated the questions and got her talking about sex. It was at this point she gave the game away by telling me that what turned her on was a man taking control. It was all the information I needed to get to the lay.

We finished our drinks and I said:

“Let’s go to a nearby place that’s a bit quieter.”

And simply lead her back to mine. The LMR took about 30 minutes to bust because she was reticent about having sex on her period, but each time she said anything about leaving she just lay there and didn’t move. It was quite obvious she wanted to have sex but needed me to take all responsibility; I even had to pull her tampon out which was a first! Luckily there was no blood at all. I fucked her, pulled out and came on her face, with her greedily swallowing a day’s worth of sexual frustration (I’d had a failed bounceback from Daygame earlier that day).

So there’s a brief review of The System by Todd. I would recommend it because I like how he focuses on social acuity and what to do at different stages of progression in Game. It’s also pretty good for any Daygamer who would like some knowledge of what to do in a Nightgame scenario. Any intermediate Daygamer would know how to escalate and what to do, it’s just good to have some training wheels to outsource your confidence to as you get started. Plus it’s always interesting to see Game from another perspective.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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