What Are Your Priorities?

I’ve been thinking about what I prioritise in Game given a framework that all action is mating strategy expressed in one form or another. What follows is all about achieving sexual strategy and that some paths may seem more direct to some and less to others. Most of this is my musing on what to focus on – to prioritse – in 2020; it’s a bit of a ramble.

There are a few things you can prioritise to achieve success in Game. First of all there’s simply approaching: take as many opportunities as possible to approach and do as many as you see fit. It’s like buying extremely cheap lottery tickets with hugely asymmetric returns. Secondly, you could focus on building your SMV and in fact forego sessions to spend time at the gym, reading or socialising, for example. This would entail approaching less, but each approach would have more backing it. Third, you could focus on vibe and only approach when you’re feeling good. Fourth, you could focus on pre-approach signals and become an expert on spotting the best opportunities. This list is not exhaustive and of course there’s endogeneity there (where one factor is a function of another, and that factor is itself a function of the original factor: effects spiral. For example: a good vibe leads to good results leads to enthusiasm to better vibe leads to doing more approaches, etc.).

Taking a parallel to losing weight: you can count calories and not focus on food quality or macros. Alternatively you could purely focus on food quality and content and also lose weight. As an aside: I see losing weight as being slightly more complicated than simply calories in / calories out (more like calories absorbed / calories out). The point is that you can achieve the same goal by focusing on different aspects of the task at hand.

The same goes for Game. You could focus on maximising any of the factors I described above and you’re likely to move towards your goals. But what to prioritise? Here are some rules of thumb off of the top of my head:

For a beginner: approach more. Force yourself into 10 sets a session and reach those first 1000 sets. I was lucky in that I had the right personality to do exactly that and it meant that I approached (pun intended) my first 1000 sets with enthusiasm. It accelerated the learning process.

For intermediate/advanced: identify the areas of your SMV where you’re lacking and see if you can do something about it. Don’t force yourself into something you find absolutely awful, though. For example, if you simply never finish books then don’t try to make yourself more cultured and worldly by reading; perhaps better to take some long weekends visiting cities you’ve never been to before. Once you’ve found an area you’re lacking in then it’s alright to substitute out some time Daygaming to spend on this area. Don’t let the “approach every day” PUA marketing get to you.

This is exactly what (I think) 2020 will hold for me. One thing I’ve never properly conquered is my own body: I’ve gone up in weight and down in weight and have muscle, but have never achieved the kind of “elite physique” I know I’d like to have. And so in 2020 I’ll be going to the gym on weekends which has the knock-on effect of reducing the time I have for Daygame and my vibe (a heavy gym session is quite draining). I’ll still Daygame on weekends but it will be for less time and I will have to accept that working out will make the sessions suffer.

But if everything is simply mating strategy in action, why not just approach all day long? Why waste time building SMV? Obviously I’m not talking about ceasing to approach (build it and they will come) as that’s pure retardedness. Like I said earlier, it’s optimising the strategy because it’s making each approach a bit stronger.

The other reason why I’m changing my priority (putting the gym above weekend Daygame sessions) is that you have to fractionate on yourself. Another example: I have a perfectly fine gym which I currently subscribe to at work. It’s convenient and means I can use my lunch breaks to work out. But I’ve been using that for years now and I want to change it up, even if it is less efficient. At this point the buzz I’ll get from doing something new will exceed the loss in efficiency.

I’ve been doing this at another level – psychologically – all year. I don’t think that you can Daygame in one style indefinitely because you’ll simply get bored. Something, be it style, location, etc, has to change so as to avoid a flat vibe. One way of seeing approaching is that it is the means by which you find the girl who gives the lay; another is where an approach is simply the channel by which all your hard work on your SMV is delivered.

See, it was a ramble.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

One thought on “What Are Your Priorities?

  1. Very well thought.
    Most of my dg lays and enjoyment came when I changed things up, not necessarily in my approach but in my life. Then I would deliberately try to replicate the same mix of factors, but the thrill’d be gone and the results decent at best.
    On the old controversy cold approach vs be alpha and they will come, the best thing I read are the comments scattered throughout the years, mostly on nash’s blog ma alzo on others like riv’s, by yohami. I know yohami us considered to be anti-dg and therefore frowned upon by ldm fundamentalists :), but he is very smart and an incredible writer.

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