Daygame Is A Multi-Year Project

Daygame is a multi-year project where you change everything about yourself. I like that phrase a lot and I think I first heard it from Krauser.

I wrote a post a while back on what I think Game is. I split it into tactical (in the moment) and strategic (the future): one of the many ways you can describe Game. It’s the latter where you can change “everything about yourself” but it’s the part that people don’t seem to really get. What they want are the lines and routines which will get them the girlfriend they’ve always wanted before they retreat back to wherever they came from.

You can identify these people because they ask questions as if they were building an algorithm; “okay so if she says X what should I say?” “Then after she says Y what do I do?” They want to build a decision tree to cover all the possible permutations rather than knowing the structure of Game or the underlying tenets.

In my opinion these people ‘just don’t get it’; they’re trying to build their house on a foundation of sand. If I was to put my amateur psychiatrist’s hat on I’d say that they were suffering from low self-esteem: something which the community self-selects for (if they didn’t have low self-esteem then they would probably have had satisfactory experiences in the past and wouldn’t turn to Game). These people think that the problem isn’t with them per-se, it’s what they’re doing with what they already have.

The cure: accept that what you’ve received so far in life is down to who you are; in essence, you’ve got what you deserved. Now it’s time to put in the work to deserve more.

I like the idea of splitting male SMV into looks, status and charisma and increasing SMV is what this project is all about. I like that split because it’s easy to remember and instantly makes sense. Here are three ways in which to build SMV:

  • Looks: go to the gym, lift weights and apply progressive overload
  • Status: save money to start your own business and become independent
  • Charisma: read interesting books which spark your imagination

Over the course of many years you’ll become accustomed to the positive reactions you get from people, and when combined with an objective increase in value (e.g. you’ve travelled to 10 more countries, read 10 more interesting books and can talk about them, gained 10 pounds of muscle, etc.), your Inner Game / self-esteem will also have improved.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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