Daygame Is Walking Meditation (Intermediate/Advanced)

We’ve all been there, walking the streets and not finding a single, worthy set. Unless you’re on a jaunt or live in a place that already has a decent proportion of hot girls (or if you’re particularly unlucky in those same locations) then I think it’s worth looking at Daygame like walking meditation.

Disclaimer: I’m not trying to turn this into an institution with mantras, breathing patterns and visualisations. What I’m really aiming to do is make those empty periods between sets enjoyable and tranquil.

Often I’ll do a 90 minute session and only open two to four sets (which is a lot of walking around!). In that down time I switch off onto autopilot and try to simply enjoy the process of walking my route. I don’t need to monitor my posture or gait because I already have that down pat as a result of having focused on it for years (which is why I’ve marked this post as for intermediate and advanced Daygamers). Then whenever a possible set enters my peripheral vision I become much more alert and give her a closer inspection. If I want to do the set I’ll get to work on trying to draw an IOI.

Tip: by walking the same route each session I find it easier to slip into this state.

This state is known as the “Daygame trance” and if you already call it by that name then stick to it because entering a trance is exactly how it feels. The reason I’ve called it “meditation” is because it’s something I actively want to encourage.

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