Back in the Saddle, Daygaming in a Post-Stats World, Hibernations and Daygame Luck

I’ve been back out on the streets for the past couple of weeks and rattled off a fair few sets. Normally I’ll just start walking straight from my flat into central London, do a loop and then come back again. I’ve started listening to podcasts and music as I go because I know the sets are going to be scarcer than they were before. It keeps me entertained and my vibe in a good spot.

I’m not sure exactly how many sets, though, as I’ve stopped counting stats. Yep, it’s just lays I’m counting from now on and I already feel like it’s already having an effect. In the beginning I genuinely thought that keeping stats wouldn’t affect me. When I heard the warnings I shrugged them off. Now I guess I’m going to have to eat my words. When I run off to do an approach now I’m having to stop myself from reaching into my pocket to input the stats in my phone because it has become an ingrained behaviour. I’m hoping that little by little I’ll stop doing that and just do sets freely.

The problem is that it’s impossible to isolate the behaviour. Is it because I’m not counting stats or is it just because I’m excited to be back out there doing sets? The most time I’ve ever had off from Daygame is at Christmas each year and at most that lasted for three weeks. Maybe as I’m coming back off of a three month long hiatus my body is responding positively to the shock of approaching a girl. You can come across as robotic if you approach too consistently for too long. Not that hard work and consistency are bad things, far from it, but perhaps it’s better in the long run to take these sustained breaks from Game. Guys are doing it already, of course, and take regular winter hibernations. It’s made me think about whether I should be doing the same. Would it be so bad to take November and December off each year? It’s a thought.

In a way it reminds me of when I was a beginner. Of course, the AA is only a fraction of what it was. When I did my first set coming back I just knew I had to do it. It was such a set. My mind raced but I centred it around the thought of right, I guess this is it and off I went to do a stilted awkward set which ended with a flaky number. Since then I’ve done maybe 15 to 20 sets which garnered me a fair few blowouts and a couple more flaky numbers. Not keeping count though!

I get the feeling right now that you’re going to need to be extra lucky to get laid in this environment. My thinking is that you need to have luck on your side to begin with to get laid from Daygame. What if you, or her, take a left rather than a right turn and you never run into each other? What if she’s having a bad day? The list could go on forever. My point is that you’re going to need to surmount all the usual obstacles to get laid but you’re also going to need to overcome the virus and its effect on her mind. It’s only going to affect you if you let it but for her… Her friends might say “don’t go out with this guy he might have the virus!” or she might get scared by the range of social distancing and “face coverings required” signs which are stuck on nearly every surface.

I’m so far yet to encounter the girl who’s part of the fabled “wall of pussy” that was half-promised half-joked about by some. Sure, there’ll be girls out there who have become hornier as time has worn on. But why couldn’t they grab their phone and download an app? Or maybe get in contact with one of the guys they’d slept with before? I wonder how many girls have been sitting at home for the past three months thinking “oh why can’t I just been out on Oxford Street right now being Daygamed! Harumph!”

Just some thoughts that I’ve been thinking in the past couple of weeks. I’ve also been writing my second book: an intermediate Daygame textbook. It will be presented in the form of case studies, my 2019 lays, and will go into immense detail on what I did and why. If I continue at this rate I’ll have the first draft finished by the end of August and I’m mentally scheduling it for release on Halloween.

Yours unfaithfully,
Thomas Crown

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