8 Ways to Make Daygame More Fun (feat. John Meadows and Jeff Nippard)

Today’s post is a fun one. And what better way to have fun than with some special guest stars. John Meadows and Jeff Nippard are two guys that I follow on YouTube and they just put up this video about making the “fitness lifestyle fun.” Considering how closely the pick-up community mirrors the health and fitness / bodybuilding community I thought I’d turn it into a fluff piece and talk about making Daygame fun. Enjoy.



1. Get results

It goes without saying that Daygame without results isn’t fun. The thing is that for each person there needs to be a different definition of results. Most commonly it’s lays, and further down the road crazier and/or faster lays with hotter girls, but for a lot of beginners it will mean hook points, numbers and kiss closes. There is no happiness in plateauing, I’m afraid, so to feel good about something you need to experience growth, even if that is small. It goes without saying: get better to a point where you’re competent and then set reasonable and incrementally harder goals from there. Learn from others who are better than you and try out more advanced techniques.

2. Push yourself in a way that seems impossible

When it comes to this point, escalating faster and harder springs to mind. I was blown away when I did my first one drink pull back to mine and the same goes for my first ever SDL. It all comes down to hormones and how we need greater stimulus to achieve the same high. When you start Daygame your expectations are so low that approaching can send you into delirium. Fast forward a few years and it will take something really special to get you so excited. This doesn’t mean packing up shop and joining the always-go-for-the-SDL brigade but if you’re feeling a bit stodgy then something novel can make the process fun again.

The flip side of that works too. Because of Corona I’ve been wondering whether to implement proper hibernations during the winter of four to six weeks. I know that whenever I’ve come back from time off that my vibe is a lot better and Daygame excites me a lot more. In a way it’s reset my base expectation.

3. Keeping an open mind

I think this leads on from point two. There are different things that you can learn from different Game “gurus” and different styles. Just by consuming some of their content you’ll get a gist of how they do things and it will feed into how you work as well. Then when you take a step back from their stuff you’ll see what sticks. They quote a nice phrase in the video: “be your own scientist.”

4. Feeling healthy

In the video they talk about working through the pain and doing certain exercises just because. As far as we’re concerned that means not doing something if it’s going to hurt your vibe too much. We do have to experience discomfort in some way by overcoming AA and to grow, and that discomfort will be massive for beginners who need to do their 1000 set apprenticeship, but it’s not worth subscribing to the approach, approach, approach mindset unless you’re under pressure like when on a jaunt.

One of the rewards for reaching an upper intermediate and advanced stage is that you now have the skillset, and not going out for a session here and there won’t hurt you. I’ve always said that each person has an understanding of the number of approaches they need to do to call themselves a Daygamer. As long as you’re doing enough sets to call yourself that then who’s to tell you to do more?

Plus with that experience you’ll know that the streets will always be there tomorrow. If you have a bad day today then it’s water off a duck’s back.

To cut a long story short: incorporate Game into your life to make you happier, overall, rather than burned out.

5. Food

This one I can’t think much of for. I know some guys treat themselves after a day of Daygame with some high calorie food or drinks. Sometimes I’ll make myself an extra large meal with foods that I love after a long day.

I could also say it’s fine to let your standards drop every now and then but I’m reluctant to promote that. Go after that easy lay because it’s fun but ensure it doesn’t become a regular occurrence.

6. Having a good training partner

This one is obvious: find a good wing, and when you do, work on the dynamic you share. Follow the wing rules assiduously and keep his vibe up. Having someone who you can have a long and engaging conversation with will let you double the length of your Daygame session without the same drop-off in energy. You’ll also make good friends. Win win.

7. Timing with food

I see this as not to put too much pressure on yourself. Sure, you need to put pressure on yourself for your first 1000 sets but after that work Game into your life in a way that makes you happier than before. You might not be getting laid as much as your friends or favourite Game gurus but how about compared to your past self? Or what about the quality of friendships you have? Yeah I know, sounds pretty gay, but worth thinking about.

8. Involving family and friends

Okay I have no idea what to do with this one. In fact I’d say do the absolute opposite: don’t involve your family and friends. If they want to know about what you’re up to they will ask the right questions. So just save yourself the stress and keep schtum.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown


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2 thoughts on “8 Ways to Make Daygame More Fun (feat. John Meadows and Jeff Nippard)

  1. There is a big difference between bodybuilding and game, though.
    All bodybuilders who actually made it are devoted juicers.
    In game, there is no potion magique equivalent to the above. Average lifter with some third-degree connections has the opportunity to acquire and try to cheat it through to above-average level. Juice is a true game-changer for your mass and how you look with your clothes on (but not necessarily definition). On the opposite, if you don’t have that super fame of the 0.1 instahoe percentagers, I have yet to see anything that provides a shortcut to the upper echelons for the average gamer. Everything else we do in game is like food supplements; it just doesn’t cut it through.


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