Learning From Some Of The Best

Bonjour, hello, hola, and booyakasha to all you ugly cunts.

I’m sitting in bed, as I’m want to do on a Saturday morning before going out, with a hot cup of black coffee to my left. The brown crema has subsided slightly and I reckon that it will be ready for drinking soon.

Recently I’ve been getting more involved with the Daygame community and meeting some of the bigwigs, and there are three experiences I wanted to highlight because they have improved my Game.

All three stem from me being very sensitive to domination. When another man is positioned above me I instantly get a rush of adrenalin and a feeling of unease. In these three cases, though, it was more that I listened to what my body told me and filed the memory away for later, rather than tried to fight back in the moment. I’m very willing to accept the frame of someone else who is more knowledgeable and more experienced so that I can learn from them.


Richard Hood (i.e. Richard From-Street-Attraction as I believe he’s changing his last name to): The Shoulder Clasp

I met Richard for the first time at Krauser and SA’s seminar in mid-December. He showed us an infield and did a detailed breakdown, and later on when we were talking I noticed he did this particular thing with his hands (nothing under the table mind you 😉 ).

Of course, being PUAs, when we say “particular thing” our minds are drawn to PUA wizardry, whereas for normies this is just run of the mill stuff.

I noticed he would put his hand up on my shoulder every now and then when we were all being jokey. In the moment, time stood still, my adrenaline fired, and I looked, alarmed, down at the hand.

It was firing that dominant response, so I endeavoured to include that more in my Game. I’ll use it on the street when I’ve already got proximity, clasping her shoulder and going one step further to actually shake her back and forth a little. I’d guess that Krauser would call this “excitement mode”. On dates I’ll clasp her shoulder when gesturing down the street to show her where we’re going.


Nick Krauser: The Loud Talker

My goodness is his voice loud. It was like a battering ram. I felt as if it was difficult to get words in, leaving me to just stand back and let him chunter on.

I thought to myself that I’ve when I’ve had good vibe in the past, and I’ve been in a very dominant mood, I’ve also been very loud. Or at least, louder than I usually am. I suppose it stresses the polarity.

In the daytime I think the best way to get into the hang of this is simply to say “excuse me” louder than you normally would. That sets you on the path of being louder.

This is not a social freedom exercise though. You’re not yelling. Even when you’re talking in this way people on the same street are still not interested in your conversation beyond a cursory glance.

On dates, and I’ve found this with my last two lays (I promise I’ll write up #40 soon), you have to have balls and talk loudly in a place where people might actually hear you. It was the same with both the last two lays: we went somewhere which didn’t have loud music and only a few people sitting around, but I still diligently did my verbal escalation (keeping it covert). It shows that you have confidence and it’s a societal shit test.

You’ll also find that in order to talk like this, you’ll have to drive your voice down into your belly, which gives it a nicer tone and depth as well.


Ian: The Cool Cucumber

I met Ian at Tom Torero’s documentary premiere and was immediately struck by how calm he was. Not quiet, not shy, listening, thinking, maybe judging. The most I saw him move was an upturn at the corner of his mouth and a raised eyebrow as if to say “is that so?”.

I’d like to think of myself as a calm person in the same manner, but we was out-calming me! It was as if I was filled with a nervous energy and compelled to move a lot more. I went into the screening and afterwards gave him my observations.

It was a good lesson, because I realised what I had been doing to girls. With me being calm, they took the opposite end of the spectrum and became animated. They were literally pumping their own energy, i.e. pumping their own buying temperature.

The experience gave me first hand evidence that calmness was attractive. I’d never really understood the John Matrix style until this point.



Combining just these three techniques we can do quite a lot. See a girl in the street that you like the look of. Approach, she stops, you open, she hooks, you step in and close proximity. You speak loudly and show your dominance, even though you’re an arm’s length away from her. Then, during vibing, you clasp her shoulder while you’re making a point and shake her around a little. Then chill out, and become your favourite phallic shaped salad ingredient. You’ve successfully got her into a state where she’s excited, and now it’s time to sit back and let her excitement bubble under the surface.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

8 thoughts on “Learning From Some Of The Best

  1. Thomas – I hope this blog doesn’t become a clone of Krauser. It has the same ring to it, the same style, even the vocabulary, pictures, formatting. Don’t copy his pompous, snobbish tone. It’s classic gamma. Tell us more about your personality, your style, your quirks. Just leave out the White Supremacist, Neo Nazi, Stormfag Krauser tripe!


  2. Krauser is vile. Self righteous and vindictive. Never liked him but the accounts of his character in Bodi’s books (which are great reads I might add) were the nail in his coffin. Once a gamma always a gamma.


  3. Have really caught on to your work Mr. Crowne. Interesting take on the shoulder clasp. Personally, I’ve always felt that a shoulder touch comes off more beta friend zoney than anything. Perhaps this is geographical? (coming to you from California).

    Tom Torero recommends the hand clasp which i’ve been trying to implement though occasionaly when a set goes really well, I go for the hair touch. The deer-eyed look in the chick has to be just right though


    1. Shoulder clasp: it’s got to be dominant. Not on the side as if they’ve just told a great joke but on top with your thumb running along their clavicle.

      Hands are good. It depends where you are. You always have to touch them in some way so, for example, a beginner might always go for a long hand hold. The more advanced thought would be escalating your touch from, say, the hands to upper arm, to shoulder, to tips of her hair.


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