Daygame Apps

Today’s post is on all the apps that I use during or around Daygame or that go along with the lifestyle. I reckon that there’s at least one app in this list which you aren’t using already so I think it should be useful.

Leave your suggestions in the comments if I’ve missed any.


Best Coffee: great if you’re into speciality coffee. The app shows you the nearest and best coffee shops. Perfect for a break during a long session.

Google Keep (or any other note keeping app): record your stats and number closes after each set. I like to note down the girl’s name, a tease and the time I closed her for later on when I’m sending my feelers.

Reco (or any other recent contacts app): great to remember the girls you closed that day or to discern which Anna is which after number closing your 20th.

Revolut: useful for travelling as you can add money to your account very quickly in the local currency and then pay fee free using your Revolut card. Also useful to send money to one person who then covers a larger bill on their credit card.

WordPress: the Daygame community blogs its experiences and so I recommend you follow your favourite guys and use the reader and/or email notifications for motivation.

Social Media / Messaging:

WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram: these are prerequisites for Daygame. Download them and add a profile picture.

Instagram: these days it’s very uncommon not to have an Instagram profile. Just make an account, add a profile picture and three to five decent pictures of you and/or you and your friends doing stuff. I agree with Brooding Sea’s sentiment on this that you don’t need to come across as a baller. Looking normal is fine and it’s mainly useful for the messaging feature.

Skype: good for calls without needing a telephone number (e.g. consultations).


AirBNB: I use my laptop to make bookings but I use the app for ease of access if I want to check something about my booking or message the host/AirBNB themselves.

EasyJet/Ryanair (or any other airline’s app): download your boarding pass to your phone for ease of use and to check flight details.


Bolt/Uber (or any other ride app): for bounce backs or for when you’re feeling lazy.


Player FM (or any other podcast streaming app): I listen to podcasts sometimes during my sessions if there aren’t many sets or I’m not with a wing. Just stay away from anything which makes you grumpy/moody/cynical/have a bad vibe. Football podcasts normally do the trick for me.

Spotify (or any other music streaming service): use music to pick up your vibe if it’s dragging or to pass the time if there aren’t many sets. Download the music you listen to all the time to your phone just in case of internet failures.


Netflix/Prime Video (or any other video streaming service): useful for watching films after getting back to yours though you’ll likely have a laptop or TV. You can download a film or two to your phone in case of issues with the internet.


MyFitnessPal (or any other calorie/food tracker): record your daily food intake and adjust it to achieve your desired leanness. Looks matter and this is one way to improve your attractiveness.

Hussle: useful to get day passes for various gyms.

StepsApp (or any other pedometer): keep track of your daily steps as a proxy for general activity. More activity means more calories burned means it’s easier to stay lean and attractive.


Duolingo (or any other language learning app): if you plan on one day settling down with a girl whose native language isn’t your own then you’ll need to learn that. Same goes for if you are consistently Daygaming in another country where English is not the first language.

Google Translate: required for when you’re Daygaming in another country where English isn’t the first language. Download the local languages plus commonly spoken ones to your phone for instant access.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

If you’d like to improve your Daygame skills or learn more Game then you can hire me for coaching (infield and Skype consultations available) and buy my book. Follow me Twitter @thomascrownpua

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