Guest Post: Kaiser’s Warsaw Review

Today’s guest post is from a German, London-based Daygamer called Kaiser. He kindly offered to do a review of his recent trip to Warsaw, where he did exceptionally well! If you would like to write a guest post then send me a message using the contact form here to get started.


After having killed enough of Thomas’ vibe in London, I decided to go on a solo trip to Warsaw: my first dedicated daygame trip. Thomas and Mr. White gave me good tips in terms of where to stay and places to daygame. I also found Steve Jabba’s blogpost on Warsaw quite useful.

I paid £318 for the apartment. I could have gotten a cheaper one but I prefer to spend a little more and stay in a nice place. I spent roughly £300 on the ground but was also eating out almost every meal; Warsaw is definitely a good place to go when living on a budget.

I spent a total of eight days in Warsaw (Saturday-Sunday). I stayed in a 1-bedroom apartment just a minute off Nowy Swiat which had a balcony overlooking the city (the apartment was on the 8th floor). The balcony worked perfectly as an anchor to bounce back girls to my place.

I would call myself an intermediate level daygamer with slightly above average SMV – I usually get the odd lay because the girl just likes my looks. I am also more muscular than most guys which definitely helped in Warsaw (moreso than in London).

I met another daygamer who I knew from London by coincidence. I got along really well with him and it was nice to have coffees in the morning or wing for a session at times. My daygame was ~50/50 solo/wing.

Quality and quantity of sets

The quality of sets was higher, I would say by 1-point on average compared to London. You definitely see more 7-8’s and I felt younger girls (18-21) look more mature than they do in London. In general, women dress and behave more feminine compared to London, and wear less make-up (more in London would also not be possible). I also didn’t see any obviously drunk chicks at night time.

I did around 20 sets on the first Saturday but on Sunday I did only three as all shops were closed and most girls were in groups or with their families. At that point I decided to push for i-dates and I ended up on a 3-hour long i-date from which I got my second lay later that week. During the week I did roughly six or seven sets per day, mostly in the afternoon.


I did not track my stats in detail but I would say I did between 60-80 sets, got 15 numbers and 8 Instagrams, had 8 dates (of which 3 were i-dates) and got 3 lays + 1 handjob.

Those stats compare very favorably towards my results in London. In London I average ~2 lays per month since lockdown was lifted in April, but my approach-lay ratio is more 1:50-75 (I never counted my sets).


First lay: 24 year old Polish girl, SDDL, nothing to be proud of. I would rate her a 6.5 but since I don’t like those point-numbers, I give her a 6.

Second lay: 23yr old Ukrainian, decent 7. I had the 3-hour i-date with her on Sunday but she didn’t want to kiss, despite me trying several times. I felt that she was definitely attracted to me (how couldn’t she!) but it was more a matter of principle that she “does not want to kiss me after only knowing me for a couple of hours”.

Got the lay on the 2nd date, which was quite easy and came as kind of a surprise – I expected it to take three dates. But I also told her I will only be in Warsaw for a week and do not have any immediate plans of coming back. For the 2nd date we had dinner and I bounced her straight back to my place. I seeded the balcony via texting and she had already told me she would like to see it in person – so that was an easy one. From there on it was all smooth sailing.

Interestingly: I met her for a 3rd time during daytime on my last Saturday, during which she didn’t want to have sex. I wonder if this has anything to do with my crying after sex.

Third lay: 22yr old Belarusian. I give her an 8; 1st date lay. She had a pretty face with fake lips, just what I like, and quite big tits. One of the easiest lays I have ever had – she came out to fuck – and during the date she even told me “if you would ask me, if I would want to come to your place, I would definitely say yes,” – and there was the hattrick on my last night!

In case your stay is close, Nowy Swiat is perfect for dates. I started my dates in Zamieszanie, a place at the end of Nowy Swiat where you could sit outside in beach chairs. Afterwards I took them to Coctail Bar Max & Dom Whisky on Nowy Swiat or alternatively to Jinn & Joy on Chmielna, both were a bit darker and more intimate and closer to my apartment. There were a bunch of other bars close which should also be good for dates.

How did you do with different nationalities?

I approached mainly three nationalities: most of them were Polish and Ukrainian plus a couple of Belarusian girls. English levels for Polish girls were usually really good. Ukrainian and Belarusian girls were generally happy to chat but English levels were mostly quite low; in some cases I didn’t even bother to text some after getting the number/Instagram.

Immediate differences to DG in London

You get less blow outs, for sure. I feel as if I have a black belt in blowouts from London. I got 6 blowouts of which 5 came from the mall. Although I did see a decent number of other daygamers (I would say around 10-12) there are definitely less guys doing it compared to London. This might change once restrictions are lifted further, however.

Differences to dating in London

Girls expect you to pay for everything, they do not even offer to take a part of the bill. That being said, since prices on average are much lower, you will still be cheaper taking the entire bill than you would be splitting the bill in London (at least to the places I usually go). I had 6 cocktails in total with my third lay in more expensive bars on Nowy Swiat and paid in total only ~35GBP, including tip.

Thoughts on Euro Jaunt lifestyle

Compared to daygaming in London, I was able to focus completely on daygame without having to work which automatically lifted my vibe. I went to the gym in the mornings and usually did a session from 12-2pm and another session from 4-7pm. I had dates most evenings, so I didn’t do any gutter / night game. Another big benefit was the lower price levels in Warsaw. I ate out almost every meal which I wouldn’t do in London. Having a London salary obviously helped.

And last but not least, I didn’t have to spend any time with Thomas, Mr. White and Lee Cho – probably the highlight of my trip (I am sure some of the Twitter keyboard warriors will agree!).

Warsaw itself (livability, amenities, apartments, food, tourist attractions)

I enjoyed Warsaw more than I expected. The city is a mix of traditional / old Soviet style with modern Western influences. I found the daygame route including Zlote Terasy pleasant. Restaurants have a good standard and there are plenty of bars, especially on Nowy Swiat. I particularly enjoyed the vibe in Old Town for a walk/date, not for daygame as I hardly did any sets there.

Prices are below London levels. You can have a good meal in a restaurant for ~£4-8, beer is ~£2, cocktails range from £3-5. I did most of the tourist stuff and also visited some museums.

Given the city is rather small and most of the action is concentrated in the center however, I can see it getting a bit boring after a longer time of staying there.

Would you go again?

I would go again as a first time Euro Jaunt, but I don’t plan to revisit Warsaw any time soon again – given restrictions do not change.

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