My New Project

This is a quick post to update you on my new, as-of-yet unnamed, project. I’ll be quitting my 9-5 soon (did I mention that?) so I wanted to put together something which I could sell cheaply. That way if people enjoy what I do and want to support the blog then they would have a good way to show it.

It’s going to be a collection of some of my favourite posts, reworked using my years of Daygame experience. This will like what Rolo did with his first Rational Male book where he collected his best posts, redid them and published them.

I’ve decided to exclude some posts from the prior linked list. These were posts where:

  • I think there’s not much extra that I would add to them
  • City reviews and the review was based on my time there right after visiting
  • Topics unrelated to pick-up

Overall the work has gone from being ~27,750 words (on this website) to ~34,500 after the first re-draft. That’s even with me needing to cut words from the original posts where I’m setting the scene and talking about my life at the time, so in reality many more than 7000 words were added, plus there’s another re-draft to come which will add more on top.

As I went through I noticed a few themes coming up, so in my second run through I’ll be stressing them throughout:

  • SMV is king; to get more you have to offer more
  • You have to work very, very hard at Daygame to succeed and the results may not be what you expected
  • You need to make a concerted effort to get better at Game and not just hope that you do
  • Relative growth will make you happier than absolute success
  • Negative emotions are simply chemicals moving around your body; recognise these hormones for what they are and disassociate from them
  • Break free from feminine thinking

I want this product to be cheap and cheerful so it will cost £5 and be available in PDF from PayHip. Of course, if you think that’s a con to pay £5 and are happy to read the old versions on this website, then that’s entirely up to you. No harm no foul. I’m bringing this out because I thought that those posts deserved an update and it was a good value exchange.

Here are the chapters (merged cells represent where I’ve consolidated multiple posts into one chapter):

I plan on releasing this in early April.

As an added bonus, I’ll be releasing one of the updated chapters (first re-draft) for free on this blog. You can vote for which one you’d like:

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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