Q&A: Should Women Be Your Priority?

Today’s question comes from a discussion I was having with a Daygamer who goes by the name of Crazy Cock PUA (interesting name, indeed; his Twitter account here). I met Crazy in Kyiv last year and he seemed like a solid guy. I got him on for an episode of the upcoming London Daygame Podcast which will be out later this month. In the episode we focused on the differences between Daygaming in America and Europe. It’s one to watch out for.

Should women be your priority in life?

To cut a long story short: women will always be your priority. It doesn’t matter how much you say that your “mission” is your priority. Your “mission” is simply the middleman to getting whamen. If you really think that your “mission” is your priority then you’re just misattributing the chemicals in your body.

This is a point I make in my new book (coming April 20th; upsell!; info here): happiness comes from a release of certain hormones in your body. These hormones fire when your survival and replication (S&R) chances improve. If A = B = C, then success with women = happiness. As long as you want to be happy in your life you need to be doing well with women. By extension that means having a good vibe is attractive because it means your S&R chances are on the up. I should specify: you don’t have to be slaying it to be happy. You only need to be working towards something more than you’re currently getting. That’s because those hormones work to encourage you to grow.

A lot of basic manosphere advice says to make your “mission” your priority. This can’t really be done. It’s like when a girl says she wears make-up just for her. Then you just have to ask “then why does make-up make you feel good?” It’s the way that other people react to her when she wears it that counts. The promotion at work or the increase in revenue for your business makes you happy because you subconsciously know that down the line it leads to more or better whamen.

Women can’t really be secondary in your life. You pursue your “mission” because a) you hope it will attract women, and b), because you hope that in saying so it will make you feel more relaxed around them. You hope that by pretending to de-prioritise them that you will act more like a high value guy. A high value guy can be more flippant with women. He isn’t needy because there will be another one to come along to replace the current one if she doesn’t meet his standards. He might be able to de-prioritise one single girl. Not women as a whole.

I’m obviously not telling you to be needy with women. Just don’t try kidding yourself into thinking that you’ve chosen the higher path. You’re only fooling yourself. So come on, let’s stop this silliness. You can accept that women will always be your priority and that you should act like a high value guy.

Next time you see a Twitter talking head say that your “mission should be your priority in life,” know that he’s talking shit.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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