#89-94: Slags and the Shagger

I’m here with another collection of lay reports: those from the first half of 2022. The theme of these lays is pre-selection.

Throughout the period I was asking girls questions along the lines of “when did you know you’d sleep with me,” “when did you know I would go for it” and “why did you want to meet me for the date after we first met?” The overwhelming answer was… poorly defined. They seemed to be searching to describe some sort of magnetism they felt towards me, that I simply had a quality which made them know I was a guy who was going to try and sleep with them, and that we would “just get along” or that she “knew I’d be a fun guy.”

My theory is that I’ve had enough lays now that girls can simply smell it on me. I guess there must be something in my body language, mannerisms, and – most importantly – eye contact, that lets them know about it. And similar to how, when you want to buy a product from Amazon which has clearly been drop-shipped you check the reviews to see which one has the most 4+ star ratings, girls are doing exactly the same thing with me. I suppose that this was part of what Krauser talked about in being the “Adventure Sex provider:” some girls are hungry for sex and so will look around for the closest guy with good Amazon reviews.

It’s another string to my bow – girls in that bracket – and it’s another brick in the wall of being a true Shagger*: where even if you were to strip away all the clothes you wear and words you said, the girl could sense you were the one to go for.

* I first heard this term about five years ago when I was giving a statement to the police because they wanted eye witnesses to a possible crime from the previous evening. I happened to be in the process of trying to bang a girl from a bar at that point, which I did (go me), and it was important context (honestly). After I finished giving my statement he put his pen down, straightened his tie, and looked me in the eye and said:

“I know how it is, I used to be a shagger back in my day.”

Anyway, that brings me onto the other part of the title of this collection: “slags.” Or more importantly, as Roy Walker says: “THEY’RE ALL SLAGS” (it’s important that it’s in capital letters). This is part acceptance of women’s nature that they all have fast sex in them, though that doesn’t neccessarily mean it will happen, or if it does, with you, part pro-player mindset to encourage a guy to approach. After all, if they’re all slags, anything can happen, and if you’re a true shagger, they can pick up on it.

My wings and I have come up with levels to it, in order of slagginess: slags, propa slags, whores, and finally, propa whores. I encourage you to try and identify what kind of slag she is as you go about doing your Daygame. It’s good fun.


I was coaching a student and we were walking near Seven Dials when Jane popped up and asked for directions. Being the helpful Londoner that I am, I pointed out the way that she needed to go, but wanted to show my student a real life example of teasing. I could tell that she wasn’t from London by her accent and asked where she was from (South Africa) before teasing her on being a lost tourist who was desperately searching for the nearest braai.

My student joined in as a good wing, laughing at what I was saying, and I was able to tease her more by making comments about her, to my wing, just like a shotgun neg from Mystery Method. I took her Instagram since we were there talking as a group and it felt more calibrated and said maybe we’d meet up another time as she seemed fun.

After that we got back to the coaching and an hour later I sent her my first ping. I normally wait two hours to send it but there was something she’d said during the set which pricked my ears up: that she was looking for somewhere “to go dancing” that evening. I wanted to get into her headspace as quickly as possible because that was a clear signal that she was looking to hook up with someone soon.

She responded very quickly and started to ask me about what I was doing that day, and if I could recommend somewhere to go that evening. I thought for a moment, and then told her to check out Primrose Hill because the “sunset will be beautiful.” In reality, I wanted to move her out of central London and reduce the chances of another guy getting to her first. She responded asking if I wanted to come with her. Dang… I was busy that evening. It would have been a nailed on SDDL. She even messaged me later on that evening to tell me she’d had a few drinks and smoked some weed; she was clearly hoping that I would hear that and jump on the opportunity. I had to settle on committing her to a drink later that week.

The day came and she rescheduled to the next day because of some drama in her life (I’d check out her Instagram later on and confirm it was very real and very serious, but I won’t go into it here). On the next day, she flaked again saying that she had met someone and “had a connection.” Dang again! Obviously another guy had got there before me. It felt like a near miss, because I was certain I could have banged her, but gave up the lead and thought it was dead.

A couple of weeks later I saw that the same drama had reared its head as she had posted about it on her Instagram story. Having known something similar happen to someone else I sent a (genuine) message of empathy and we messaged back and forth a little on the topic, when she sent me this:

Also, sorry about ditching you…. I just wanted to have random sex [when we met] and we hadn’t spoken about sex so yea. Hectic, I know.

Obviously I couldn’t miss a light as green as that. I dropped all pretence and told her I would have taken her home after a drink if we’d have got on and she reacted positively to that. From there I turned the topic to sex and raised her buying temperature by talking about what she was into, and invited her straight over to my flat that evening. It’s funny how playing the plausible deniability angle was the wrong avenue to take with this girl.

We met at the train station. We walked to mine. No LMR (of course). +1. New flag.


I was heading home from a Daygame session one chilly March evening when I spotted Jane coming out of the supermarket. Jane was mixed race with one of them being European and the other being from the Indian subcontinent (I don’t remember what she said exactly), but she’d been born in Saudi and so she represented a yet unclaimed flag for me.

I’d been winging with a Daygamer who usually does a lot more sets than I’m used to and when I wing with him I try to keep up and let his high energy motivate me into approaching more. Given I was in the mood, I decided I could easily throw out one more before heading home.

Initially Jane was surprised and told me she didn’t have any money. I reassured her that I wasn’t trying to ask for money, nor sell her anything, but that she was dressed up very smartly and so I told her she looked like Sherlock Holmes. Once she had twigged that I had genuinely approached her we bantered and I took her number. It seemed like a strong lead since she had invested a lot in the set through her verbals and how she played along with my roleplay.

Over messaging I saw just how strong a lead she really was. We set up a date for the following week and up until that day she was continually qualifying and investing further.

The date was as easy as taking candy from a baby. We sat down with our first drinks and she started kino-ing me by flicking me with her hand. I found out that she’d recently been watching the TV show Vikings and had a thing for that archetype (just another reason why it’s important to develop a strong one; link here) and so it was very straightforward. We had another drink in a second venue and then went back to mine. No LMR. +1.

It was a great example of why you should always try and throw one more set out there if you see the opportunity for it when going home. Just because you’ve left the traditional Daygame area doesn’t mean you can’t approach. It could turn into a lay. Or if it goes badly you can always tell yourself “my session was truly over and I got everything I could from it.”


I was in Prague and was heading up from the Old Clock Tower towards Na Prikope to meet Salman for a coffee. Just as I was about to say hello to him outside New Yorker Jane gave me one of the most obscene IOIs I’d ever received – staring wide-eyed as we crossed paths – and so I had to quickly say hello to Salman and then excuse myself to run off to do the set.

It turned out that Jane was Ukrainian – not a refugee, she just lived in the Czech Republic and was visiting Prague for a couple of days – and spoke next to zero English. Luckily this was one of those sets which showed that what you say doesn’t matter so much. As I opened her she smiled, happy that I had come over, and let me stand very close. I stood so that the shadow my head provided covered her face and we laughed about that.

Once I found out how bad her English was I got my phone out and started to use Google Translate; I would only do this for a set where I thought it was going to go somewhere. We talked in a broken manner for a few minutes, passing the phone back and forth, and agreed to meet for a drink later that day before she headed back home.

Fast forward a few hours’ later and I met her outside Palladium. She’d been eating dinner with her sister and I knew things would have to move fast if I was to get the lay before she left. There was only time for one drink.

I saw that she’d put on make-up and so was more assured that things would go my way. One other thing of note: after we had met earlier that day Jane had gone to get her nails done. With one of my lays from Kiev last year she had also been on her way to get her nails done when we met. Okay, it’s only two data points, but perhaps there’s some meaning there in a girl wanting to do herself up and her horniness.

I turned us around and led her over to Chateau Rouge and immediately noticed that she walked slightly behind me as Krauser describes in Daygame Infinite with her shoulder just behind mine. I’ve always found that when/if girls do this then it is massively on – a sign of “The Switch” as he calls it – and I completely agree with him on this point.

We got our drinks at the bar – she had a non-alcoholic beer – and I escalated quickly; she took it all. Mind you, this was still all on Google Translate. She asked if we could stand outside so she could vape and as we did she told me she only had 15 minutes before she needed to go back to her sister. Okay then, maybe only time for a half a drink: I suggested we go for a walk. Which we did, back to mine. +1.

There was some LMR, but not in the traditional “bedroom battle” sense. As we walked she erred a couple of times and slowed down, before I corralled her along. She asked me where we were going to which I simply said “for a walk, this way.” It shows the importance of leading in these situations. Let her know that you will take responsibility for everything that happens.

Once we got back to my apartment there were a couple of moments where she paused the escalation and looked at her phone. I think she was testing to see how I’d react if she pulled back a little. I guess I passed those tests.

An interesting point of note was that she had been out the night before with her sister and had gotten drunk, but hadn’t gone home with a guy. This was why she wasn’t drinking alcohol that evening: she was a bit hungover. I made a guess that she had gone out the night before hoping something would happen and then when it didn’t she saw me and thought let me give him a huge signal to come over and make something happen.


I didn’t see Jane give me an IOI but she said later on that she’d seen me coming. This was down by Tottenham Court Road one day. I only wanted to run out for a quick session and had just completed my first set of the day which was a number close as well.

I walked past Jane, decided I wanted to approach her, and went back up the road, stopping her and teasing her for having an expressionless face when she was living in the best city in the world. She said it was her “model face” which she used as she walked around but the set progressed as usual.

Jane was born in Brazil – another yet unclaimed flag – but her parents were European and I commented that she didn’t look how I imagine Brazilians to look. I told her that English people expect:

“All Brazilian men to play football and all Brazilian women to wear very bright colours and have huge butts.”

Pretty soon after that the weather turned and torrential rain began. I called the session there and headed home.

I sent my feeler later that day and we had a little back and forth and, after a little blip where she didn’t respond for 12 hours, I set up a date for a few days after we met. Usually if a girl will meet you really soon after you took her number that’s a good sign.

The date was very straightforward. Jane gave me very strong eye contact from the start. When I “couldn’t hear her properly” and told her to sit closer, she did. She accepted all my kino with no issues. Those are the big three: eye contact, proximity and touch; if those signals are good then the going is good.

One thing to look out for, especially, is if her eyes flit between yours and your lips, and if she gestures towards her lips in some way e.g. touching them with her fingers. Then the “big move” is simply to tell her to sit closer to you. She knows what that means.

We bounced to another bar and sat side by side, where I raised her buying temperature over the Questions Game. As we’ll see later, this was overkill. At the end of the round I suggested we go have tea at mine. No LMR. +1. Afterwards I asked her when she knew she wanted to have sex with me and she told me “straight away” and that she knew I’d be the guy to go for it.

Then something interesting happened the next day. I was walking through Carnaby street when I ran into Kaiser and he asked to see a picture of Jane. I showed it to him and he burst out laughing:

“What is it?” I asked.

“Oh man, [another Daygamer] SDL’d her three weeks ago!”

THEY’RE ALL SLAGS! Well that suddenly put paid to her having said she last had sex two months ago! This suddenly became the point of conversation and everyone worked hard to remember when they’d banged a girl who someone else had, or at least been on a date with. Another Daygamer commented later on that he had laid a girl on the second or third date and that later on that day she’d been SDL’d by another Daygamer.

This all reminded me of something that a friend had said to me years ago: that we’re all approaching the same pool of girls. He was referring to how eventually you might approach someone who was a friend of a friend, or connected to you somehow. This happened to me, I think, by approaching the sister of one of my ex-colleagues. Anyway, that old friend of mine is right. Not only are we going after the same age range, we’re also approaching those who come into certain areas, those who have a certain style, who are of course above a certain level of attractiveness, those who are amenable to Daygame, etc. Nearly five million women live in London, but how many of those are left once you apply the usual filters?


I was in Belgrade and was walking down Knez – where else would we be? – with a Swedish Daygamer who had come to town at the same time. Kaiser and I had been Daygaming one day and we bumped into him and he seemed alright so we met and winged with him and shared beers and food in the evenings.

I spotted Jane walking along. She had that central Asian/Russian look, but that’s not what really caught my eye. She had hair down to her knees. Unfortunately later on I found out they were hair extensions. Anyway, the second thing that caught my eye was how short she was: 157cm, which is miniscule compared to me. I ran over to open her thinking that it was a good gimmick to get another set in the bag:

“Excuse me.. Can I just say… You’re tiny. Compared to me. I thought it would be funny if we talked to each other.”

This was a case of bad English but we managed to fumble through the conversation. By this point I’d been in Belgrade for a few days and had made the full transition from speaking in proper English to speaking in broken, slow English. The height difference caused another issue, I couldn’t stand too close to her. It’s something I have to take into account in being so tall: how close can I really get to a girl without giving her a hectic neck ache?

I took Jane’s number and thought nothing would come of it. I couldn’t get close and so couldn’t see how she reacted to my kino attempts. Plus the language barrier meant we couldn’t banter. However, things took a strong positive turn once I sent my feeler. She responded quickly and was agreeing with everything I said: compliance. When I picked the conversation back up again the next day she responded quickly. I sent my date request for that evening and she accepted it with no issues; to meet at 8.30pm to boot. Then when I needed to push it back another half an hour, she accepted again with no issues.

We met outside of the mall and went to the City Garden bar where we had a couple of drinks. The conversation was stilted – again – and when I told her to sit closer she barely nudged herself along at all. On the other hand, there were no issues where I looked at her rings and did all the kind of “long-range” physical escalation you can do. When I tried to kiss her she rejected it, and so I think it was simply an issue of her not wanting to do that in public.

But honestly, with the conversation as it was, I was quite bored. I just told myself: have a couple of drinks and walk her back to yours, you never know what will happen. The hidden upside of boring dates such as these is that you are going to know exactly what might have happened: you’re definitely going to try and take her home because you’d never sit through another two hours of this kind of conversation.

One interesting thing did come up in the conversation though. As I tried to get through at least a little verbal escalation, I ended up asking her when she last had sex. Jane said “about two months ago” – funny how they say the same thing. What was interesting was that she flipped the question back to me and before I could answer she joked “What was it? Yesterday?”

We left the bar and started walking.

“Where are we going?” Jane asked.

“For one more drink,” I said.

I walked her to my apartment. She gave the obligatory half second pause before coming into the building and the perfunctory “I didn’t think you meant at yours” but I just carried on walking. Sometimes you just need to lead. If she doesn’t want to come in, she won’t.

No LMR. +1.

With this lay I got the impression that I was simply the right guy at the right time. She wanted sex and I was there. Funnily enough I saw her talking to another Daygamer the previous evening (I talked to her in the afternoon and this other guy in the evening). I guess I benefited from moving quicker than anyone else. She even told me that yet another English guy approached her on a separate occasion and that we had all said the same thing: “that [she] looked amazing and [her] fashion is amazing.” In my head I was thinking that is not what I said! I said you were tiny!


I was sitting outside of the Shakespeare’s Head with Wolfe and Mikey one evening when I spotted Jane taking pictures of Carnaby Street. She looked like your typical tourist, and having already had a few beers, I thought why not?

“Excuse me… you look like such a tourist,” I said.

It turns out I was right and that Jane was in London for a few days, visiting from Turkey. She said she was looking for bars that were still open. I told her I’d show her some places in an hour. After a few more minutes of conversation, finding out where she’d been that day, I walked back over to the guys.

“Did you not want to do the idate?” Wolfe asked.

“To be honest, I’m super tired and couldn’t be bothered. I think I’d rather just let her go off for an hour and that way if she meets me I know it’s on.”

We met at 11.30pm at Tottenham Court Road. It turned out she’d had a drink in the meantime which was a good sign. First place: not open. Second place: open; game on.

We sat down and started talking. Escalating was pretty easy and she let it all happen. After our first drink – I was a bit drunk by now – I told her:

“Okay then. We can either go and have a drink at mine. Or one more here first.”

I wanted to lay my cards on the table because I wasn’t going to have another drink if nothing was going to happen that night.

“I’m not coming to yours tonight. What are you doing tomorrow?” she asked.

That was an implicit guarantee that we would bang. Unfortunately, I was busy the next day and so we wouldn’t have a chance to meet before she left. Unless it happened that evening, of course…

Jane thought about it for a few seconds before saying:

“Okay, we can have another here, but I can’t promise anything.”

She went on to ask where I lived. It’s a generic kind of question to save face. She can tell herself well I was going to go in that direction anyway, just so she can be the one to approve of something. What did it matter anyway?

We finished our second drink and then went to mine. I went to use the bathroom when I got in and suddenly I heard “thud, thud, thud… bang!” Someone had run down the stairs and slammed the front door. Oh honestly… I thought, has she actually run away? I went back to my bedroom, half expecting no one to be there. Thank goodness she still was. It was one of my flat mates who had made a run for it.

There was a tiny bit of LMR but only in the same way that Jane in Prague gave: tiny pauses where she tested my reaction. Of course I was fine with it. I’d seen it before. I just gave her a bit of a blank expression which said “go on, get on with it” to indicate that I knew she needed to do her thing before we could.

Once I felt the momentum pull in my favour I amped things up and went for it. +1.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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12 thoughts on “#89-94: Slags and the Shagger

  1. Its true we are mostly opening the same pool of women. Especially if she is walking slow or staring at you multiple times to bait her into opening. Also, if you meet one midday and let her go a guy who has left his flat with the sole purpose of landing a SDL will most likely get it. Just how the game works I’m afraid.


  2. Interesting as always Mr Crown. Correct me if my analysis is skewed but it seems as though the same girls are being “daygamed” (for lack of a better word)…implying that the pool of yes (all the way) girls is almost definable. Fascinating how that works. If she’s had fun taking it all the way with Daygamer A, why not give Daygamer B a shot. Good stuff


  3. Lotta big fish in the small daygame pond of westend london ..
    …why i enjoyed your clapham..camden reviews…
    …however that aside…good game skills will still win!


  4. As a caveat to fast sex, ive found that some girls do need more comfort than others prior to sex (eg 3/4 dates vs 1). and need to find out other things about you/other qualfiying criteria eg to shit test you hard, talk to their friends about u first, valdiate ur social status etc and that is the difference between ‘higher value’ girls that usually get long term relationships and ‘slags’. the idea that all girls are potentially available for a one date lay is nonsense. the truth is most pickup artists are not getting high value girls (girls that have previously managed to secure alphas into relationships) if they are purely relying on game and fast escalation and ‘vibe’.
    yes, sex will still happen always fairly quickly if u understand game but for higher value girls comfort and objective social status will play a large role and slow down the process a bit.


  5. a slag (low value woman) is a woman who will have sex purely based on emotion (ie a mans alphaness and her state in the moment). a non-slag (high value woman) is a woman who will ONLY have sex if she acquires a certain level of investment/comfort from the man in addition to his alphaness and her state. this can still happen fairly quickly (3-5 dates if the guy is smooth enough) but the girls MOTIVATION is different (the first is having sex primarily for validation/pleasure, the second is having it bc she has authentic belief the man will commit). the divide in women exists as clear as the alpha/beta divide in man, theres no grey area. the main cause in division is the second group (non-slags) have previously managed to obtain an alpha males commitment/protection so therefore expect it on some level (just like alpha males expect genuine desire from females bc they have experienced it first hand before)


    1. “This is part acceptance of women’s nature that they all have fast sex in them, though that doesn’t neccessarily mean it will happen, or if it does, with you.”

      Your comment is the first step on a slippery slope to the Madonna/Whore complex


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