Camden Daygame Review

I recently went to Camden with a wing of mine (the same guy who I went to Clapham with; review link here). In today’s post I’ll let you know whether I recommend it for Daygame.


I measured out the route on Google Maps and it’s pretty hefty (disregard the names in the screenshot itself; if you have any half-decent knowledge of London geography you’ll know which places I’m talking about). You can start at Mornington Crescent station and walk all the way up the street, past Camden market and stop at the Morrison’s. Beyond that the volume dries up so I don’t recommend going any further.

You can then walk back the way you came, this time going through the market itself* and through to Camden Town station. Each time you pass the station it’s worth stopping to fish for a bit because the volume coming out of the station is great, especially when people are heading home from work on a weekday. This is made doubly so by the fact that the station only has one exit which creates a bottleneck.

* It’s up to you whether you want to go into Camden Market itself or not. I like the area outside of Cyberdog because it’s open but don’t like the narrow confines of the market stall areas. Plus it stinks of incense in there and I don’t like that.

If it’s a sunny day then you can walk south west from Camden station to Regent’s Park and go up and down Broad Walk.

Once you’re done you can stop for a pint, and some more fishing. We went to The Elephant’s Head but there are lots of places to choose from on the same street, plus a Pret as well which puts tables and chairs outside if it’s warm enough.

Lastly, and we didn’t get around to this area, there’s a newly built complex of shops and eateries next to the canal on the east side after you cross the bridge (heading north). That adds extra places to go and explore.

Quality and Volume

“That’s all well and good,” you might say, “but isn’t Camden just full of grotty punk rockers?” Well, yes, they are there, but we were pleasantly surprised with the quality. There are tons of girls who simply live in Camden and who use the train station when coming home from work or university. Plus the market is a tourist attraction and so you’ll get them too. Lastly, the area around Regent’s Park is super posh and so that means they are around as well. I repeat: we were pleasantly surprised at the quality. And saying that, not all the rock chicks in the area are grotty either.

Another thing we noted was how the area just felt different to Clapham. Clapham seemed better suited for the guys who looked like they would be the boyfriends of the girls in the local area (i.e. those guys who dressed to imply higher status would do well there: tilting towards K-selected). Camden has more of an r-selected vibe and we surmised that girls thought that if you were going to get approached in the street, then Camden might as well be that place. Camden is an alternative place and therefore people do alternative things, we guessed.

In terms of volume, we each did five sets over roughly two hours (including the time we spent fishing outside the pub), all on solo girls. Plus, we didn’t actually go into Regent’s Park and so might have done more if so.


One, perhaps important, thing to note is that we went on a Friday afternoon/evening. I’d recommend going on a weekday evening because the market becomes absolutely rammed on the weekend and so you might find it too hard to approach there. You’ll also get more girls coming back from their studies/work on weekdays too. But then again, this holds for most places.

Overall Thoughts

My conclusion is the same as for Clapham: I recommend it, but it will never beat central (and I don’t think anywhere will). It’s always nice to mix things up, though, so why not chuck a place like Camden in every now and then? Let’s say you’re doing three or four sessions a week, you could go ahead and do one of those at a different place. It keeps things fresh and you might see a whole bevy of girls who simply don’t go to central.

Yours unfaithfully,

Thomas Crown

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2 thoughts on “Camden Daygame Review

  1. Camden is a tourist mecca….the nightlife ‘gutter game’ can match west end at times!
    …nice contrast to clapham too…
    …old st…shoreditch..brick lane…liverpool st awaits your esteemed review…as midpoint to clapham-camden…
    ..essex girl…professionals…meet grubby hipsters all-in-one!


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